Love Is About Getting What You Need


In Exodus 16 the Israelites began their journey into the desert, where they would remain for 40 years.

After sometime they began grumbling about being hungry.

“If we had stayed home we would have pots of stew, but here there is nothing but dust. We aren’t loved.”

God heard the grumbling (how could you not with that many ticked off people?) and told Moses that he would send a flock of quail at night and bread in the morning. But that they should only get what they need for that day’s portions and trust more would come when they needed it.

People are silly. Some tried to take too much but when they checked their basket, it had dwindled to only what they needed. Some tried to store it up, it quickly rotted and was covered with maggots (which I’m thinking could be some protein?)

Anyways for all these years, God’s kitchen was open and faithful.

Today is is the day of celebrating love and I could think of better stories, but let’s give this one a chance.

God didn’t have to answer their grumbling, but He did because He loved them. Love isn’t about getting what you want, but what you truly need. It’s not always in the person you suspect, but in just the one you need…..or it may be in no partner at all. Maybe you are an awesome aunt/uncle, grandparent, sibling, role model or a crazy cat lady. Maybe you just need to focus on loving yourself for once (guilty!!)It’s not about what YOU want, love is about what you need.

So may you gather it up around you today and take stock in knowing your received just enough.

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  1. speaks so much to me about how we keep trying to store up treasures on earth — not just the simple necessities that we only require. Like somehow all that stuff will fill up all the gaps in our lives…but it is just the hoarding of stuff that ultimately leave us feeling empty and unsatisfied. But He — He fills up all the empty spaces and all the tiny gaps in between until we are over-flowing. We are filled! We don’t have to store up — it’s a never ending fountain of love.

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