10 points for the little guy

There was this puny little boy. Carrying food for his brothers who were soldiers. Struggling with his little arms because he had a lot of brothers.

He worried about going to a battlefield, but his brothers needed food and he was doing what his dad told him to do.

But there was no battle going on. Everyone was hiding wherever they could. David stood there with his food and looked around. What was going on? Where is the victory, the bloodshed…..

The big soldiers pointed their shaky fingers at this monster at the other side. 9 feet tall, armed with the biggest sword ever. A man from the other side pointed right back and laughed at them.

“You wimps….where is your god now? Scared little dogs. This is my victory.”

David hitched up his loincloth and found his slingshot that he used when watching the family sheep. He would plink stones, he even had them with him, at the wolves that came close. He was pretty brave and he trusted in the God who always promised him victory.

All the soldiers hiding started laughing again when he claimed he had what it took to defeat this Giant.

Who was he? Nothing but an unarmored little boy.

But, even little, He had a BIG purpose to fulfill and he had a BIG trust to prove.

So to the tune of all the laughing from both sides, he plucked a stone out, lined up his shot and down the giant went.

The laughter stopped and I’m sure not a sound was uttered for a while.

Our lives are full of being David and Goliath. To the tune of laughter and jaunts we are told what we aren’t equipped to do. We are too little. We aren’t trained.

God never calls the equipped, he equips the called and how can we fail?

But we have our stones (and if you don’t, grow a pair) God knows it’s scary and seems impossible, but He assured us it wouldn’t be. Just hang on….your giant will fall.

Whose going to be laughing now?


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3 replies

  1. Have you seen the Veggie Tales version, Dave and the Giant Pickle? If not … find it and watch it! It will do your heart good and be a fun thing to watch with the kiddos!

    Beautiful post as always, sweet Alycia! Praying for you and so grateful that you have decided to use your gift again!

  2. “He equips the called” – that’s it, in a nutshell right there. perfect.

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