No Lion

There was a man named Daniel who lived under the ruling of a man named Darius. Daniel was a heck of a good administrator over Darius’ kingdom. So much so, Darius planed to give Daniel everything.

But no good deed goes unpunished, right?

Men were mad about this whole reward thing, so they sought anything they could to find failing in Daniel’s character and put him in bad sorts with Darius. They found nothing except Daniel prayed to his God many times.

They convinced Darius that a decree be sent out that anyone caught praying and showing favor to anyone to Darius should be thrown in the lion’s den.

Lions. Eek.

So it was decreed and Daniel was brought forth a guilty man. Darius fretted over this, because this was HIS Daniel. But laws are laws.

Into the den he was thrown and even Darius placed his ring seal of the store rolled over the mouth of the den.

The next morning Darius rushed to the den and had the stone rolled away to see of anything remained of his beloved Daniel.

There he stood. Among the lions. Undigested. Which most have been a relief to everyone but the hungry lions whom Daniel claimed an angel had kept their mouths shut from harming them.


Ever been there? Being a good person and chugging along and BOOM…lions. Hungry lions and not a thing you can do but be prey and pray.

Now we know the lions mouths were shut, but it says nothing about their claws and growls.

Often we get scratched up and get told things that are damaging, hurtful and just mean. It’s the nature of the beast to toy and hurt it’s prey.

But the mouths….the part that will fully consume us are sealed by faith that God has our safety and purpose in His hands alone.

It’s gonna hurt, but you will not be destroyed. You will stand when the stone is rolled away and be able to walk out and say that your God saved you. Nothing gets cooler than not being digested.

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4 replies

  1. I’m trying to remember but I think Scripture says that not a mark was found on him. Even so … you have a valid point. We can be placed in extremely scary, dangerous, circumstances, where all reason indicates should be the absolute end of us! Only God gets to decide when and how the story ends!

  2. I believe you are right too, but I was reading out of a children’s parable book.

    But to sit there and be brushed by those lions pacing and their sounds took alot of faith that he would be kept safe.

  3. not being digested is definitely a cool thing!
    I wonder if Darius himself had a tiny measure of faith as he was rushing to the den to see if Daniel was still alive? Our steadfast faith giving hope to others is also a very cool thing.

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