Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

Recently I got a new phone service which gave me a new phone number. Well, a recycled phone number because 40% of all calls are for “Floyd” and he apparently needs Medicare Part D. So Floyd, if you happen to read here; please give them a call because they seem to truly be interested in your health care program.

It’s gotten to the point that unless a number comes in I recognize, I just don’t answer. Likely it’s just a wrong number and if I answer another cruise boat horn honking telling me “All Aboard” I may just throw the phone. I’ve become conditioned that I know the call isn’t for me instinctively. It’s a gift.

We get calls in Life, too.

Are you guilty for not answering because you don’t think it is for you? Maybe you thought it was a miscalled number and you are just not the person that was meant to be reached. Perhaps, it was reaching out to you with a message that you just didn’t feel you were suited for.

If your phone is ringing, it is for you. Answer it, because God doesn’t do wrong numbers.

When God decides that it is time for you to follow, fulfill a purpose or fall back on faith, He knows right where you are. He knows that you are broken, busy or blissfully unaware. He understands that you might be under-qualified, unprepared or unmotivated. He sees all this in our hearts and still our phone rings, because He is also in the business of equipping, preparing and motivating.

Also….He is pretty darn persistent. That phone is not going to quit ringing, because He knows you are home.


Last night our home phone began ringing. It surprised me, because I didn’t even know we had one anymore. Brian and I looked at each other as if a UFO had just landed as the foreign sound of the ringer invaded our TV watching time.

He began pantomiming the scene by saying “Hi Brian. You just won season tickets to see The Titans.” (which is our hometown NFL team and he bleeds green astro turf a little)

We laughed it off and he finished by saying, “I would die a little if that is who it was and I missed it.”


The funny thing about answering those calls from God is it DOES put us in a place of blessings overflowing – kind of a season tickets feeling. We look back after we took that call and realize that life is just falling into place from that point on. We were all designated for a unique purpose with a specified gift to fulfill that calling. By no means do we have to be in that perfect place in life before we are called to live it out. The majority of the time we are NOT in a good place at all and the call comes.

He’s not seeking out the perfect ones; the ones who have it all together. He is seeking YOU right where you are. It’s not a wrong number, but a reaching out of love and the desire to see you live a life more abundantly than you could have done alone.

Whether you are struggling in the middle of a busted relationship, hanging onto some habits that nobody knows about, addicted, abused, hurt, burnt-out and fearful, the call will come because it’s not about you being ready. The call is because He is ready to move you and you just have to be ready to answer.

Has your phone been ringing? You might want to get that, because it is for you.


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