Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

*ring ring*


“Hey girl. Whatcha doin?”

“Busting my tail trying to get this house clean!”

“Didn’t you have that house cleaning service coming today?”

“Yes. They’ll be here in a little bit, so I got to get this mess cleaned up!”

“Wait. Don’t they clean houses for a living? Didn’t you hire them?”

“Well, I can’t let them see how dirty this house is! I don’t want them to think I’m a pig. Gotta go!”

Admit it. You giggled.

We’ve all done it. Washed our hair before we go to the hair stylist, vacuumed out the car at home before we go to the public car wash or brushing and flossing super good before we go to the dentist.

How about trying to fix your life before you give it over to God?

Guilty of that?

How many of us try to clean things up a bit before presenting it to be cleaned? We are so afraid that God may see us where we are; dirty, dusty, broken and ugly. We can’t give that to Him and let the truth be seen in us. A reflection of how we have handled this life given to us.

*knock knock*

“Who is there?”

“Joy’s House Cleaning for the 1pm appointment.”

“Oh, come on in. I just got to finish mopping this room and oh, there is a smudge on the mirror….argh, there is a dust bunny in the hall…would you mind waiting on the porch?”

“Ma’am, that’s why I am here; to do this for you. It’s OK, I’ve seen this before.”

“Oh, I can’t have that. It’s too bad. Please ignore the cobweb on the porch.”

That’s the hardest thing about coming before our Lord with our lives in our hands. Turning it over for Him to clean it up.

We think we have to be a little better, a little cleaner or a little more perfect before we hand it over. The shame of Him seeing us where we are. So, we sit there holding our little lives trying desperately to scrub the fingerprints off while He waits on the porch. Do we think He would turn away? Do we feel we need to cover up and hide?

That’s why we invite Him inside; to clean it up and renew it. He came knowing it was bad, ugly and in disrepair. It’s why you called for help in the first place, because you realized you couldn’t do it alone anymore. It’s what He does.

It’s hard owning the mess and humbling to show the reality of what we thought we had become. Yet, He has a truth about all that. You are never who you were or the mess you created. You are His and He is so willing to come inside and help you sort it out; making it new and beautiful.

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