Dear Kitty,


A single look passed between him and I, Permission to cry and time to say “Goodbye.”

An unjust time that is going to end too fast, Not quite enough memories to carry from our past.

Soft puppy fur and fun loving eyes, Now replaced by pain filled sighs.

Head on my lap, as it has always been, I cradle his head under his chin.

Looking into eyes that contain unconditional love, There are no words, but I know what he’s thinking of.

He wants to play, sit, fetch and stay; But he simply wags from where he lay.

He has faithfully laid by my side from the start; And loved me like only a dog can; from the whole heart.

There is only one thing he needs from me, To hold him one last time as he goes free.

To scratch his ears in the way he knows joy, To whisper one last time “You’re a good boy.”

So we will walk together one last time, Me; his person and this dog of mine.

Categories: july 2013 diary entry


2 replies

  1. I cry for you and your sweet boy. So hard.

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