Table Faith

Dear Kitty,

I can’t wait to share with you what I have found!!

The most amazing table ever. I had heard about the existence of this table before, but I had to have it for myself. I’ve heard you can stack stuff on it, all kinds of stuff and it never wobbles. 5lbs, 50lbs or 500lbs and not a single wiggle of weakness.

Wait, you have something 5000lbs? Ok, check this out, because I’ve done that before too.

*places it all on this amazing table*

See, not a hint of a jiggle. No, it’s not a trick, it really is that amazing!!

You’ve got to get one of these! It doesn’t matter if you start off with the 5lbs or the 5000lbs, you will find this table has not limit to what it can withstand.


You aren’t going to believe it until you do it yourself? That’s OK, I understand. I was the same way. It seemed to good to be true, I thought as well. I’ve got some heavier stuff and I didn’t think it would work either. You won’t know how great it is, until you try it out. In fact, it is one of the requirements of having the table.


Just as trying to sell you that table above, so it goes with sharing faith.

Sure, you know how strong your faith is, but it is because you have loaded all your stuff on it. If you hadn’t, would you have trusted its strength? Can you really blame others for being skeptical?

What if you are one who has heard of the table, but have never tested it? I’m sure your arms are feeling heavy and exhausted from holding all your stuff. I’m sure you would love to be able to set it down and leave your arms free to embrace someone, pick some flowers or hold a book, but what if you put it down and it crumbles under the load? You get left with picking it all back up and facing the disappointment of expectations not met. That’s a cruddy place to end up.

This table is ready for you though to unload your stuff; the light stuff and the crushing stuff. It sits and waits to be tried out. It’s what it was designed to do. It was never meant to be a decoration in the corner or just to hold a vase of flowers for guests to see. It was meant to be tested and used.

Why don’t you start off with just 1lb today? Maybe 2lbs? I know you are so tired and I know this is going to feel better for you to just let it go and set it down.


Psalm 68:19 Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


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