Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

When we look for companionship, we seek out other humans. We may have resorted, with less shame than we should have, to dress up dogs like tiny humans or given our cat a voice through amateur ventriloquism. Ultimately it is human contact that we need. It’s those anthropomorphism qualities that are required form a relatable bond with something.

Sometimes when we are trying to help someone else connect with what we have affiliated with, we use specific human qualities so that they can get a very clear expectation. We describe Santa as “like a grandfather” or a woman may be a “mother hen.” We feel these descriptions are universal and provide a good base for assumptions about the nature of the person we are describing.

Yet, there are those of us who have had negative interactions with those important and impressionable relationships that others use to humanize God in order to form a spiritual bond.

If you see God as a Father, but your relationship with a father was abusive, jealous or oppressive; then how can you trust a relationship with a Father in your Christian walk?

What if you see God as only a judge, can you see him as compassionate, forgiving and understanding of your flaws?

Perhaps God is described as a friend, but every friend you had has betrayed you, back stabbed you and walked out of you.

What if we see ourselves as made in God’s image? Does that mean that God has all these human flaws and frailties? How then we can we trust the relationship as being infallible?

We have put our God in a little box defined by human qualities that we understand and can readily identify with, but how does this color our understanding for the bigness of a undefinable, by our vocabulary, deity? How could these qualities turn people away from a relationship with God?

It’s time for us to dehumanize God and allow Him to be beyond our understanding. Unconfined, unrestrained by mere comparisons that are flawed across a broad spectrum of interpretation. Our God is flexible and willing to be exactly what you need and meet you right where you are.

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  1. Reminds me of a line from The Chronicles of Narnia about Aslan not being a tame lion.=)

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