Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

Yesterday I went up to the barn to feed the horse and cat. After the horse had his bowl filled, I turned to the table I keep the cat food up on and as is typical, the calico came streaking from behind the hay to gobble as fast as I could pour. I’m not really a cat person, but ever since I thought she lost her babies a month ago, I’ve rubbed her a little more.

The vet had said she was too young to get pregnant, so I didn’t rush to fix her. When her belly began to swell, I realized the vet was wrong and I checked everyday for those babies. Then one day she was all thin again. Brian and I looked everywhere for the kittens and I even played the sounds of kittens crying on my phone to get her to lead us to them. We couldn’t find them, so we assumed she might have lost them or they had gotten killed by something from the woods.

So I’ve loved on her a little more. I was petting her head when out of the corner of my eye something small and gray attacked my foot. Somewhere in the moment between the instinctual squeal and desire to kick, I recognized it was a kitten. Further examination revealed 4 kittens total and one proud momma. Oh…and scratch what I said about not really liking cats…these are adorable!!

Because of the stallion who clomps around the barn and things that yip and howl in the woods, I packed them all in a big box with momma and put them in the half bath. Hey, it’s a jungle out there and no animal gets hunted or hurt on my watch.

But, there is Deogi. My 110lb pup that doesn’t take kindly to intruders inside his domain. I know him though and I tested out one of the little kittens in my lap today while he sat bewildered at my side. 30 minutes they checked each other out. This little kitten of about 4 weeks old that was a mere snack in the dog’s world. All went well and I ended our session.

Remember a post or two ago when I talked about unhealthy environments and times you should walk away. This is where I am going to contradict myself and point to Deogi and the kitten.

I have every intention of at least keeping this one kitten. I have every intention of keeping Deogi. I know it can work, because…well, I just know. I’m like that with animals.

There are times that there are things in your life that make as much sense as cats and dogs, but you just know in your heart of hearts that its going to work if you keep giving it a chance. Others (much like Brian when he discovered the 1lb kitten next to the 110lb über aggressive dog) will sit there in shock that you are going to try to make it work, but you…well, you just know.

All I can say (especially in response to those of you who sent emails, messages or commented) is if you just know…really know, then don’t let anything stop you. (I can say this because if it truly isn’t meant for you…well, God’s going to work things out anyways) if you are willing to endure the little kitty claws and the suspense of a dog chomp on a fur ball and risk it all…you go, girl (or boy…but that doesn’t sound as cool)

Sometimes, you may just be right. Take a chance, abandon all the rules and color outside the lines. You may just suprise yourself. But, God…yeah, you aren’t going to surprise Him at all. He’s got all this planned out already for your good because of His love.


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  1. She’s such a beautiful kitten. I’d definitely keep her, too. Once again, wise words from you. I think it is time for me “color outside the lines”. Hmmm….that sounds familiar…. 😉

  2. Amen! And thank you! I know it’s because my heart is hurting right now but I kept seeing people I love and respect saying things that I heard as “give up,” “walk away,” “quit believing a man who keeps lying to you,” even “stop being stupid!” And I knew none of them would really SAY such things to me but I still heard it and it was hard. It’s nice to hear something else today! =)

    • Beth…first, I love you. Second, there is only One who knows the future for you and him. Keep putting Him first, keep fighting, keep praying and keep laying it back at the altar.

      • I know. Both facts. And I love you too! I just have voices that try to lie to me and sometimes they try to convince me that other people agree with them. And I am nowhere near as scary as that makes me sound!

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