Dear Kitty

Yesterday I took a few of the kids to the movie theater for an “Epic” good time. I had high hopes that it would be a movie I enjoyed and I waited until the end credits for a good moment. Sure, it was a kid movie, but I had looked forward to a good storyline and to be entertained. After all, I had paid for it; shouldn’t I enjoy it as well?

Holding on to two little hands, we left the darkened theater and the ear blistering surround sound. Walking outside is always a shock to the system after being immersed in a theater. Your ears are ringing a little and it takes a while for your eyes to adjust to the brightness of being outside. Sure, you could go back into the theater where you were comfortable and not deal with the change, but that would mean you would have to watch that blasted movie for a second time.

Does that feel a little familiar to you in this journey in life and change?

Often times, we start a new story in our lives. We invest in it, so we try to get something out of it that affirms the value. We even endure it a little past the time that it has ending still hoping for a high moment, but no real good comes from it.

As we begin to move past that story, it can be uncomfortable in the change. The next story forcing you to shake your head a little to clear out the ringing of the past and squinting your eyes to adjust to the change of light.

You could linger in the comfort of the darkness a little longer, or you can even decide to do it again to try to justify your investment of self. If you try to repeat it again just because it is comfortable, it won’t turn out any different. That movie will just replay and the outcome will have no change.

You can not do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.

My experiences have taught me that people do this the most inside relationships. Business, personal, love and friendship relationships. We invest ourselves into it so much that we just keep waiting for the payoff. We endure, we excuse and we push past the bad moments thinking that something is going to change and the value will be worth it. Yet, it is like watching a bad movie over and over. The characters are permanent and the script in unchanging; how can we truly expect something different?

Most people are still caught in the cycle, because at least it is comfortable and doesn’t require walking away and in essence, giving up.

When you are ready though, when you truly see the redundancy of the bad movie, you will be able to walk outside and discover a bright new life with a new script waiting on you. Will you go to the park? Will you go out to eat? The glory of it is that by leaving that theater, you now get to choose what is next for you.

Are you ready to be “Epic?”

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8 replies

  1. Trying everyday …. Sometimes it doesn’t work though

    • It’s tough to do a mindset change. It’s something I have to make a conscious effort to battle everyday. I can’t say it gets easier, but I do know that it’s worth it.

  2. Hi – love this! so true, cant keep doing the same things and expect different results

  3. What a lovely metaphor, and it spoke to me so much today. I needed to read this. You have no idea. Thank you for always being a light in my life.

  4. There are three things that a certain in life and they are: death, taxes and change. You learn to deal with all three and just keep looking for a brighter side of life. Love ya


  5. Some times it’s right to stay, even though it’s not comfortable, right? Lately I wonder … Am I hanging on, for all I’m worth, because it’s the right thing to do or is it just because I’m afraid to start over?

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