Dear Kitty

Dear Kitty,

Hurt in our lives, pain that seems to have no purpose and wounds that seem to never heal. What if we were to look at these things without assuming they are our burdens in this life, but rather they are our errands?

Errands seem like an odd term to use, but one that I heard used this past week in relation to our hurts. It made me think about what my definition of an errand is. A trip to the grocery store, running by the bank or maybe a stop by the drugstore to pick up a box of band aids shaped like bacon strips.

By definition, an errand is a special mission or function entrusted to a messenger; commission.

Entrusted. To charge or invest with a trust and responsibility.

What an amazing way to look at why we were given certain things in our life that we struggle with. Not to hurt us or to hinder us, but to give us a special mission that we were entrusted with so that we could be a messenger.

When I go on an errand it is to get something that I need and I use what I have that is required to obtain it.

So these things I’ve been hurt by in my life, the things that cut me to the core and I feel will never heal; how do I see them as an errand?

Some days, I’m still not sure that I can see it that way. It is hard, but I was entrusted with it, to use it. I get to choose whether I use it for a pity party or a praise. Don’t misunderstand that praise part. I don’t think it’s normal or healthy to walk around singing and skipping “Oh glorious day!!! I lost a spouse to suicide or I struggle with depression. Yeehaw!!” The praise part is more of mind shift into deciding that I will not let it drag me or define me, but to use it to grow me and teach me. As I grow and learn, I become a messenger to that hurt.

My biggest hang up with my errands is it is generally something that I wasn’t asked if I wanted first. I get furious that I didn’t give consent before I was entrusted with this errand. After all, you should ask if I could even handle it before you assign something to me. “Hello, God…”

I give my children tasks or errands from time to time. For instance if I need paper towels, I will ask the 3 year old to grab it from the pantry for me. If the pantry is empty, I will ask the 7 year old to go to the basement to get a fresh pack. If there are none there, i call my husband to pick up some on his way home from work. Why not the 3 year old? I know her skills and her limitations because she is mine and I’ve watched her every day of her life. She lacks the strength to carry the big package upstairs and would probably get scared of the task. Obviously she can’t drive either or be trusted with money. I only entrust the errand to those I have watched and know that they are capable of fulfilling.

Perhaps, God views it in a very similar way. He knows His children because He has watched them every day and knows their strengths and limitations. He entrusts certain errands to certain ones because He knows they will succeed in what has been asked if them. These hurts, our errands, are not given to us because we will fail, but rather because we have the strength already there to carry it to completion.

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3 replies

  1. Very timely for me today, my friend. Thank you for this.

  2. Oh, Alycia! Babe, this is gooooood stuff! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Thanks for the sermet from Sunday. When God puts an”errand” on our heart we can use our “God Given Free Will” to accept or reject the errand no matter how hard it may seem. God did tell s that he would not give us any burden that we couldn’t bare. Love ya Sweetie,

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