Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

I love words. After all, I am a writer and adoring words is pretty much a requirement. As much as I love using words to paint a picture, I struggle when I am the subject of that picture. Bios and tag lines have been the bane of my existence and I’ve been known to beg friends to just do it for me.

One friend went beyond the standard and showed me a way to fully describe myself in a small way.


Ginny with Origami Owl introduced me to a piece of custom jewelry that allows me to define myself*. A Living Locket.

In my locket, I chose 5 charms to represent me, plus a stamped plate.
  • “Love Life” – Because I need to be reminded that this is MY life and through all the ups and downs, I have been given each day to choose love.
  • “Typewriter” – Because I love to write and words matter. More importantly, MY words matter because I have a unique voice.
  • “Coffee Cup” – Must I really explain this one?
  • “Footprint” – Just like the famous poem, I have been carried more through this life than I deserved. Every step I have taken, every path I have chosen; has been planned and I am carried when I stumble.
  • “Butterfly” – One day the caterpillar thought her world was over and then she became a butterfly. Butterflies have long since been associated with change, new life and embracing life. I know this all too well.
  • “Family Heart” – I couldn’t find a more perfect way to remember how much family means to me. Not just my parents, husband and birth children, but my stepchildren and friends that have become sisters and brothers.
  • I also added the tag “Be” – Because in this life and when I am struggling, all I need to remember is to “be.” BE in the moment. BE daring. BE me.
I can add more charms or switch them out as often as I want, but for now this is a wonderful way to define who I am. A few simple charms and a story of a life loved.
With Mother’s Day coming up, I highly recommend you look into this alternative to charm bracelets. Easy, interchangeable and safely tucked into a locket, how will you help define someone you love or yourself? With birthstones, occupations, causes, etc. charms each one can be unique.
For more information and to design your own Living Locket. You can go HERE to the website or you can “like” the Facebook page to see special offers including something really cool from Rascal Flatts *wink wink*

*This review is provided for Ginny Millett a rep with Origami Owl. I was compensated for the locket, but the opinions reflected are my own. Oh yeah…and the rep I referred to above? She’s a friend and this is a super awesome product. Trust me.

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  1. Ooooooh! Wish the budget had room in it! Definitely going on the wish list!

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