Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

Recently I wrote about the desire to “do something big” and wondered about what if this “big something” wasn’t our purpose in life.

Now I am questioning “can we be OK with where we are when dreams and reality aren’t matching up?”

I have this dear friend who is in this point of life where she is waiting for something she really wants. Oh my goodness how I want her to have it, because to her its so important to her happiness. I really want her to be happy, but the strangest question came out in our dialogue…

“Could you be OK if this is exactly where God wanted you? Could you glorify Him through living the life He has planned and not the life you imagined?”

What is my purpose

For most of my life I have wanted to go to Africa, not just safari, but to serve in some manner. I’ve felt at times that it was my calling, my dream. At this moment in my life I have 6 minor children in my house under my care. Let’s face it…jetting off to Africa is the farthest from my radar it has ever been. I still want to go and through a series of God events got the opportunity to write for Hope Springs International. Through emails, Facebook and becoming friends with the founder of Hope Springs, I’ve gotten to see service in action and in a very small way, took part.

My dream was to go to Africa, but can I be content if this is as close as I ever will get? Can I still feel like glorifying God if it feels like I am missing out on what I wanted?

We all have dreams and goals for ourselves. I believe we are hard wired to want to achieve and excel, but when it’s not part of God’s purpose for us, where do we find contentment and peace? Where are we left when we feel our prayer for our purpose is not being met?

God doesn’t just plop us down on the map in a beautifully perfect place. Sometimes it’s the ugliest and scariest place you can imagine, but He put you there knowing you were equipped to make it beautiful. That is your purpose.

Despite all your dreams for the perfect life with a perfect picket fence you have a perfect purpose designed specifically for you. We don’t receive every answer to our prayers, but we receive every blessing for our purpose.

Just because it seems the heavens are silent and the UPS man has failed to deliver your perfect life in a neat little box, does not mean you aren’t heard or are unimportant. Whatever it is in this life that is breaking you and challenging you is helping you become more of exactly who you are meant to be.

James 5:11 – As you know, we count as blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job’s perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.

So can you find contentment at where you are in a life right now that isn’t what you planned? Can you rejoice while you are waiting to fulfill your purpose?

Know that while you are waiting, the One that designed you is full of compassion and mercy. He’s waiting for you to stop asking “Why” and be willing to step out in a faith that says “What now.”

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  1. Hi!
    There is comfort in feeling that you are exactly where you are meant to be. It takes the edge off and makes you feel everything is going to be fine because it already is. “What now?” – a worthy question!

  2. This has been one of the hardest struggles for me in this season. I didn’t want broken adult children and a broken marriage. I wanted the testimony of abundant blessing! God finally got the message, past my brain and into my heart, that He uses our brokenness, our shattered dreams, our hurts and tears, as the testimony of His grace! It’s not ALWAYS about overcoming! Some times it is simply about clinging tight to His hand and walking through!

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