Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

I finished an amazing book recently and although I rarely do book reviews*, I had to share about it.

The God Portal

It’s been a week since I read the last sentence and I am repeating the title to every ear around me.

I read anything and everything. When I can’t find anything new on the Kindle market, I’ve been known to read ketchup labels and washing instructions on wool blankets (Apparently I don’t retain the knowledge gleaned from washing instructions.) Sifting through the cheaper ebooks, because a habit like mine could cramp the grocery budget if left unchecked, I stumbled upon Tim Ferguson’s book “The God Portal.” The cover teaser fascinated me. “We found God Himself.”

Really? Himself? I gotta see this.

What happened next doesn’t happen often, but the chaos lingers for days. I totally neglected all housework and could not stop reading despite pleas for dinner, bringing toilet paper to one who was stranded and remained curled in the “reader position” growling at those who dare cross into my personal bubble.

This book is amazing and I don’t want to spoil it for you, but they do indeed find God Himself in the most amazing scenario. Tim mixes religion and science to bring something totally unexpected, yet what we all desire through every stage of our Christian walk.

To find proof.

To find love.

To find healing.

To be seen and loved anyways.

Each character, although an individual, can be identified in a single soul. The doubter, the thinker, the feeler, the lost and the hurt all find exactly what they need in their unique path to the one person who not only made history, but knows the future.

I connected with one of the main characters who had a past that didn’t allow for God, but reached out when he was broken at his worst. His struggle to move from what he had been to what he knew beyond doubt that he could be, spoke to me. How many times have I looked at my past and I thought I wasn’t worthy of Jesus’ touch? How many others have I encountered who continue to insist that I am not worthy still?

Yet, to deny healing and forgiveness is to dismiss the power of Jesus’ love and grace through his sacrifice. The ultimate lost person is the one who has died, but didn’t Jesus raise the dead and give them new life? Who are we as human to determine individual worth when He willing died for all to be saved?

I highly recommend you download this book, find out if Jesus really wore white and ask yourself…”if I had the chance to be touched by Jesus, would I want to be healed of my pain?

*I was in no way compensated for this review and my opinions expressed are my own. This review is after the purchase of “The God Portal” and not commissioned by the author in any manner.

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  1. I often think about whether I would want to be healed from my pain … especially the one pain that you have walked with me … It has made me who I am, it has brought me to the point I am with my relationship with God. I wouldn’t want to give that up, but at the same time, I would love to see what life would be like for my little ones without that pain … All of that to say, I know God knows the pain we all live, he designed our lives to be exactly as they are. Knowing that, I know that as hard as living through this pain may be for my little ones right now, God has them in His arms and will take care of them. In the meantime, I continue to pray for guidance and grace so that I can fulfill my calling as their Mommy in a Godly way.

    I love you, dear friend. You are such a special person in my life!

    • My only argument with that, Lena, is that you are not who you are because of your pain. You are who you are because of what you chose/will choose to allow God to do with that pain. The human experience is full of pain, but the God experience is all about purpose in and from the pain.

      Love you too, lady.

  2. Running off to find the book …

  3. Just F.Y.I. – I bought the book! Haven’t started it yet because I don’t have time to get stuck! I think I need another road trip (with someone else driving)!

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