Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

Sometime last year a crack occurred in “Happily Ever After” land and the carriage turned back into a ordinary pumpkin. I continued to rejoice, but more silently in between the increasing frequency of poisoned apples and dragons. I didn’t want to spoil the magic for you.

If you have followed my story, then you know a fairytale begin unfolding for my life. Now that we are grown women and not little girls parading around in our mother’s high heels and curtains fashioned into ball gowns, we know that fairy tales have a tendency to melt away into a harsher reality. Glass slippers have a way of pinching the feet after a while.

There is so much hope to share with others in the retelling of my story, even the times when I am scrubbing floors. There is undeniable proof of the goodness that is out there even when the darkest chapters seem so long. Naturally I wanted to share only the sparkly moments with you, because nobody is immune to the touch of a magic wand.

Then came a moment that an observer of the magic declared that they would expose the moments when I was less of a princess than I should have been. Times that I was humanly angry and humanly hurtful. It was not that I cared that you found out I was human. I’ve had my share of very public dragon moments and times that I held a poisoned apple. The threat worked though and I pulled back into my tower a bit, mostly from hurt and not fear.

There was also a time that I was told that my telling of the fairy tale was unimportant and people did not care to listen or believe in the magic. I retreated farther up the tower stairs and closed the book.

I would venture out from time to time and share little moments, because sometimes “ever after” is too good of a story to keep secret for long. I never forgot the poisoned apples though and never stayed out for long. I casually would visit other kingdoms around and watched as they battled their own dragons. Winning some, losing some. I’ve even seen some kingdoms totally fall into ruin while the inhabitants would scramble trying to put it back into a semblance of order.

The truth of the dragons and apples has been there all along. Their existence is necessary in order for the magic to have it’s sparkle. Achieving a “happily ever after” is impossible if there weren’t some “not-so-happily ever after” times.

My kingdom is created by The One with his purpose for me in mind. The inhabitants were given to me in order to accompany me, teach me and to love. The ending has already been written and although the poison apples and dragons have their chapter, they do not win.

So my Prince Charming isn’t always so charming. I’m the evil stepmother more than I would like to be. I have yet to master the art of having singing, fuzzy, woodland creatures to do my housework. Dragons get in behind the castle walls and cause me to retreat back up into the tower. The carriage is not an enchanted pumpkin, but a vehicle that gets trashed by kids. I’ve had to limit dancing at the ball while I do homework with the kids and cook their meals. I am less of a princess than you would expect from a fairy tale life.

But I know with a certainty that only comes with faith that at the end of the story, right before “The End,” there is a “Happily Ever After.” I also know that you have your own kingdom and dragons. But most of all, I know that even a glass slipper will pinch after a while.

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  1. Of course we battle our dragons and hold our poisoned apples…The One never said we wouldn’t. The blessing is, exactly as you said, at the end there will be a ‘Happily Ever After’ that will blow us away! ❤ you, dear friend!!!

  2. Oh, and one more thing, the person who wants to reveal your dragons and apples needs to go back to their own castle and slay their own dragons … It’s no secret that your fairytale isn’t always magical and amazing, you’ve been fed more than your share of poison apples.

    Finally, if you figure out how to get those fuzzy little forest creatures to do your housework, please let me know. 😉

    • I have had an invasion of mice lately, but I don’t approve of their cleaning methods. I have slain more woodland creatures than dragons lately.

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