Dear Kitty

Dear Kitty,

They say when one door closes, another one opens. Until then we must learn to dance in the hallway.

hallway door

I am not a patient person. Contrary to the popular belief that since there are 9 people, 3 dogs and a whole menagerie of animals in my home, I must have the patience of a Saint; I most certainly do not. I’ve been known to flip to the last page of a book because I simply can’t stand anymore suspense and I’ve read spoilers for a television show because I have to know what happened. A gift wrapped under a Christmas tree on Dec 1st will give me a case of nervous tics for the next 24 days.

That’s just how I am wired. I have to know the end result as soon as possible.

I believe that is why the saying I mentioned above has struck a chord with me. Patience is just not one of my virtues and dilly-dallying is not my dance of choice. To consider “dancing” while waiting? It goes against everything inside me. When I find myself left in the hallway waiting for a door to open, I pace and habitually jiggle all the door knobs searching for one that might open. I hardly find it within me to consider the waiting time to be used for anything more than nail biting, clock watching waiting.

It’s true that when I read a book and feel compelled to hurry to read “who done it” that I am missing out on the small details (and sometimes bigger details) that give meaning to the story.

So we have “Boy” and “Girl.” They meet and when we flip to the last page we find them blissfully in love. Yet if we were to “dance in the hallway” we would have seen the small details of their smiles, their ups, their downs, struggles and victories that made that blissful love mean so much more than just a few words.

What about “Boy” who lives a simple life and decides to leave everything that he knows for a new life. If we flip to the last page we find him settled in a wonderful career and prospects of an abundantly blessed life. If we “danced in the hallway” with him we would have seen his fear, trials, courage and perseverance that made him the successful man he became.

I still believe that patience will be something I always struggle with, but if I don’t learn to dance in the hallway then I will miss out on the details that make the journey from closed door to open door more fulfilling and more purposeful.

To be able to dance is to find joy and act on it with your full body. So to dance in the hallway is to find joy in the waiting and act on it.

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2 replies

  1. It’s about the journey as you said. When you get to be my age…you want that journey to slow down, Aunt J

  2. In the waiting time, we also tend to learn about ourselves, build strength and character. I love dessert so my parallel is that waiting is like the cake, while the end result is the icing. Each benefits the other, making a rich experience. Mmmm now I want some cake.

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