Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

I wanted to write today and let you know how Friday (the rescue dog) and Deogi (my dog) are getting along.

If you read previously, you would know that there was a lot of tension and training to be done. Friday was used to fighting for what he got (we assume since he was a stray) and Deogi hadn’t had to share his stuff before.

We had to resort to using the shock collar for a short time. We had to put it on both dogs at separate times, stepping in and disciplining when teeth were shown. When food or the smell of food was around, Friday became aggressive. When a spot on the couch by me was wanted, Deogi got defensive.

Both dogs were only defending their needs. The need for food, the need for comfort and the need for affection. It was something that they would fight for, but didn’t understand that they no longer needed to battle for these things. They also didn’t seem to understand that by getting along, they would now have a companion that spoke their language.

They would look to us for permissions and for protection. However, we read dog body language pretty well, but we don’t speak their language.

Finally came the tense moment that we let them in the backyard together with no shock collar. They had learned quickly that to show any sign of aggression would mean discipline. They now had to learn that to show a sign of friendship was going to be met with approval.

They circled each other several times cautiously but curious. They got a little closer, nothing bad happened and they seemed to relax a little.

Then Amadeus (the horse) snorted behind them. Both dogs spun around and began to give chase to the horse behind the fence. They ran together and after several trips back and forth, worked together.

Then they collapsed in the sand box, panting and happy. At ease with one another when they saw the other as a friend with a common goal.

Isn’t this true in our own lives after we are healing from hurt or afraid of being hurt?

We work on our own little goals and desire to defend everything we have achieved. We revel in the praise of others, but all along we need someone who can speak our language to be our true companion. Someone who understands what we are trying to say and has the same goals that we do.

The dogs now lie together calmly on the floor. They grab a toy and play tug-o-war. They share the water bowl.

It’s all because they realized that by giving in a little they weren’t giving anything up, but gaining so much more.

….and frankly…what a lesson for all of us. No matter your past hurts there is a chance for you again if you are willing to let your guard down and give in a little.

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