Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

Last year for Christmas, I asked Santa for “5 More Minutes” 5 more minutes to love, make a difference or count a blessing.

This year for Christmas, I’m asking Santa for a moments to “just be.”

“Just being” is a moment that you decide to take the moment and be there, fully and devoted.

Life is busy. Trust me, with a husband, 7 kids and a literal petting zoo in my home; I get that life is busy. Many times I get so caught up in the moment to moment, that I simply can’t “just be.”

The moment that the 1st grader sits down with a new book while I am cooking dinner. I hear his voice over the boiling pots steadily and confidently reading each word. He seldom asks for help anymore and I am guilty of half listening while I am timing the pasta. I need that moment to “just be” as I turn from what I am doing and let my expression and my voice show him that I am fully listening and I see his achievement.

The moment that I walk through the living room to gather the clothes up that my husband has just folded for me to put away. I see him methodically matching socks while keeping an eye on the TV and alternating talking to the kids as they run through. I need a moment to sit down and throw my arms around him. Taking the moment to “just be” grateful of his ability to pitch in to help. “Just being” and showing how much everything he does shows me he loves us and we are important.

Finally getting the three year old to bed and she reaches up to deliver a goodnight kiss. I need a moment to “just be” there and brush off all the stress we conquered together that day and knowing at the end of the day we have love. Even if the walls got colored on, even when the potty training failed, even when time-outs far outnumbered the moments we played; to “just be” there in that kiss.

Standing in the barn with the teenager as I pick a hoof and he feeds the cat. I need a moment to “just be” there and recognize that we are both doing our chores, but we have chosen to do them together because we truly enjoy each others’ company. That moment of “just being” that says we have only known each other a little over a year and its been hard at times, but we are confident now of where we are in each others’ hearts.

The moment that I am standing at the grocery store with more groceries than the cart will hold, but knowing it’s only a weeks worth for us. I don’t hesitate as I pay for it and I need a moment to “just be.” Being grateful that we can provide and we have been blessed.

A text message from a friend that says “I’m having a hard day” or a picture of their coffee because they know my love for my own coffee. I need a moment to “just be.” To be grateful that someone is thinking of me, loving me or sharing with me.

Walking by the open front door, I notice the night sky beginning to edge into view. I need a moment to “just be.” To take the time to watch the streaks of orange, pink and purple cross the sky and see the beauty of something beyond my control. To know that no matter what happened that day or how hard it was, the sight of the sunset reminds me that it is over and I have a moment to rest. To “just be” grateful of my day, my family and the chance to do it again tomorrow.

How many times have I passed up the opportunity to “just be?”

How many times have I taken it for granted that each moment whether painful or happy, is part of my journey to choose to “just be?”

To be there for those who love me, to be present for those who need me, to cherish those who count on me and to know that to “just be” is enough.

…and frankly…to “just be” and receive what is there to bless me is the greatest gift I could have this year, but it’s already mine if I decide to take it.

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