Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

I’ve been ignoring the voice for awhile.

I’ve tried to rationalize it away, bargain and downright plug my ears to ignore it.

It’s the voice that whispers a truth to me that I did not want to listen to because of what it might mean.

What it means is that I have to tell many of you “Goodbye.”

For a long time I used social media as a way to escape from a sheltered life. It was the only time that I felt anyone cared what I had to say and it was my connection with people. When life got hard and I struggled with hurt, guilt and feeling worthless; I started basing everything on what YOU said.

I couldn’t enjoy a moment of happiness without sharing it with YOU to validate it. Hard times were put into type so that YOU would comfort me. Times that I should have spent nurturing what was in front of me, I spent nurturing time with YOU.

The point of a personal blog post is supposed to be a place where you unload your feelings with your love of writing. Lately it has become miserable as you have to promote and pimp your voice to achieve a certain level. You have to stand on a virtual street corner with your message hung around your neck and scream “LOOK AT ME…LISTEN TO ME”

In the past month, I have received email due to the content on my blog with people who need a friend, are looking for validation or advice. These friendships have pulled me away from constant social media interaction as I began focusing on the Person and not the Post.

This is what all this means:

Personal blogging: The blog will remain open as it receives many searches about domestic violence, grief, suicide and faith. I believe the content to be relevant and helpful so it will stay put. Working through my feelings or praising my joy will be done in prayer and not posts.

Contributing Writing – I will continue to be involved in this because it is either a passion aligned with my heart or a source of income.

Novel Writing – This will continue at a pace that is putting my family first.

Instagram – This will disappear as I need to capture the memories with my heart instead of with filters and emoticons.

Pinterest – Can kiss my rear as I don’t need anything else to make me feel insecure or to covet.

FaceBook – All of the blog/social media pages will disappear on November 1st. The only exception will be where I am on other pages as a contributor/moderator to their charities or web pages. My personal page will remain open as I keep in touch with family that is long distance, busy or friends who are as crazy as I am and can’t pick up a phone sometimes. My activity there will be very low key and as always…don’t expect my personal laundry to be aired there.

Twitter – This will disappear on November 1st.

Email – Always available.

So while I am at a point that I tell many of you “goodbye,” I am always available through email if you need to reach out. Many of you I have built friendships with offline and I find that to be one of the purposes of my social media life. I met YOU and I call you friend.

This isn’t a move for everyone and I don’t believe that everyone should be led to pull away from social media. I will however ask you to look at your heart and those around you. Are they needing you to be more about the Person and not the Post?

This is what my voice has been leading me to do.

…and frankly…I want this to be about “LIFE” and not the “LIKE.”



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4 replies

  1. Good for you Alycia! These are courageous and clear-thinking decisions. It’s too easy to jump on every attractive bandwagon around here! I haven’t dared get on Pinterest nor instagram. It would eat up too much of my time. Good for you for putting family first, we all need to remember why we do what we do.

  2. I support you! It is so difficult these days to not become distracted from your priorities. If you are happy then I am happy for you. 🙂

  3. You, my dear, are one of the most amazing people I know. I love you and am still here holding coffee and chocolate cake. You, are my sweet friend, a kindred spirit, a sister in Christ. I love you.

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