Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

*steps onto soapbox*

We get that you have had a tough time. We understand that you are strong. We comprehend that if we don’t like it; that’s our problem.

Ladies (specifically you, although I am sure there are some men who do it)

There is a difference in being strong and being abrasive.

There is a line between taking a stand and picking a fight.

Especially in today’s world of online conversations, it is becoming more and more common to see strength morphing into abrasiveness. You call it taking a stand, but it comes across as picking a fight. You tell us if we don’t like it we can “click the ‘x’,” unsubscribe or unfriend you.

Isn’t that what you are doing though? When you “take your stand” with unapologetic brazenness, aren’t you intending on offending someone? Aren’t you attempting to weed out out differing opinions and rally your “allies?”

No, we won’t all agree especially on politics, life choices or religion; but there is a contrast in being brave in your writing and being purposefully abrasive.

You aren’t any deeper or more complex than anyone else. We are all created unique.

It’s not that people don’t “get you,” it’s that you are guilty of not showing the true you for us to understand.

When you know someone is going to disagree with your opinion so you spitefully draw your line in the sand and dare them to challenge you; you’ve forgotten this isn’t a playground. This is life.

You are no more special or gifted than anyone else in this world. We are all individuals with certain strengths and gifts that make us uniquely special in our own way and our own purpose in this life.

To belittle another to gain support for your cause is abusive.

To challenge someone to stand against you is bullying.

…and frankly…there is nobody more important than the one who is willing to step aside to allow someone else to shine.

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  1. I am very tired of seeing these post and facebook statuses. They are inevitably followed by a spattering of comments like, “Who do I need to throat punch for messing with you” and “That’s right, just click off! I’m going to say this to all my friends too!” and “Oooooh! What happened this time?” It is such a drama-stirring move.

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