Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

I’m pretty sure you already know, because I have been so excited about what I got to do yesterday. For me, it wasn’t a big deal; it was HUGE!

I got to meet Max Lucado in person, for real…like I could have pinched him. (Although I think that would have kind of ruined the moment.)

I have tons of books all around the house and loaded on the Kindle. I read to experience, but when I have needed to read to get a slap in the spiritual face; I credit him.

His words are authentic and beg you to experience God in a real way.

So to actually get to meet the man behind the words…wow.

Through a series of fortunate events and people who understood my excitement; I got to go in an exciting way. I was the first to greet him and was so anxious to ramble through the books that had changed me and the Hermie DVDs that the kids love so much.

I had the list in my head and all the right words to tell him how awesome he was to me. Then he flipped the tables.

He asked about me with genuine interest.

I thought he was there to promote his works and sign his new book “Grace,” but he humbled me by showing that he was there to promote all the things he writes about.

Caught a little off guard we spoke a little bit about the book I just wrote and I really felt like a Kindergartener spouting off my knowledge to a college professor. I’m really not sure what all I stumbled through in my synopsis, but his eyes were so kind as he hugged me and told me, “some of us write the words and some of us live the life.”

He got my name and the name of my book and although I couldn’t dream that he would ever read me, he humbled me by showing that he is living his words.

What an awesome experience to get to meet someone who has so shaped my writing and my way that I experience God.

…and frankly…thank you Max (and all those at Lifeway who made it possible)


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  1. So glad you had this amazing opportunity. Max is the real deal!

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