Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

I stayed up until midnight in bed with Brian.

No, it’s not what you think…

We were buying plane tickets (which isn’t as easy as it should be, it being a service industry and all…) for our 1 year anniversary trip.

“So Alycia, (you may ask) now that you published a book or two; what are you going to do next?”

*cue video camera close up on my cheesy grin*

“I’m going to Disney World!” (will come my reply with appropriate child-like squealing.)


Here is the part where you cluck your tongue and shake your head at me; we aren’t taking a single child (and yes, they will probably hate me later and have to have years of therapy)

For the last 14ish years, I have been under a rock and a hard place. The life I lived was pretty confined and almost like recycling; there would be no waste. No waste of time, no waste of money.

I sat marveling at my life now as Brian and I discussed who was going to get the window seat. ME! I get the window seat.

I want the window because I want to see all that I am passing. Much like how I am living my life in the window seat now.

I have my face pressed eagerly to the window glass (and restraining from licking the glass) as I live in each moment that I have been given. I’ve seen more movies, been out to eat more and gone to more family functions in the past year than in my entire adult life. I have learned that there is very little price on the value of a memory.

This trip has little to do with having to listen to the non-ending “It’s A Small World” and more of living “It’s A Small Life.” A small life that is so uncertain in its length and unpredictable by nature. A small life that is lived in the knowledge of the past, but focused on what is out the window.

Looking down in the moments of watching one of the kid’s faces light up at their first baseball game. Taking in the sight of my whole family walking hand in hand, giggling as we run for a ride on the Ferris wheel. Drinking in the view of ice cream sticky kisses as they thank us for the fun and the memories.

Living life in the window seat. Grabbing every scene we pass and committing it to heart. Holding hands strolling in front of a castle with my Prince and celebrating our love.

…and frankly…I don’t care if I get complimentary peanuts. I’m just enjoying the ride. Are you?


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4 replies

  1. A year, I cannot believe it has been a year. Wow!

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate your year. Enjoy it.

  3. Love this post, and your pure joy! Enjoy every minute! {I know that you will! :)}

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