Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

I listen to a popular talk radio show sometimes that talks about finances. I’m not a numbers person at all, but I am fascinated when they begin to discuss investment and potential.

Especially when a 20 something mentions a mediocre salary and the financial guru guy plugs away on his computer and tells him if he will put back this small sum, he will be a millionaire by retirement age.

Money investments make sense. Put a small amount in and with time you get growth.

What about life investments though? Is it possible to just put a little of ourselves into Life and expect a big return?

What about if you give your job only 15% of you?

What about if you give your kids only 15% of you?

What about if you give your marriage only 15% of you?

Life, if you want to get something bigger, requires total investment of you. 100%. You have to be willing to take all of it and push it to the center of the table, going all in.

I have had the privilege of meeting people who have been willing to invest in life.

There is a man I know that has pushed all of his chips to the center of the table. He is now making a difference in the lives of people in another area of the world. Not just making them different, but saving them.

There are some women I know who lost children. Not only did they push it to the center of the table, but they are using it to save lives.

Just a handful of people who I know who have decided to invest fully in life. Willing to take all of who they are and give it up for the biggest investment they can get; richness of life.

That’s what I want to do in life. I want to look at the cards not knowing if I have a good or bad hand and be willing to go all in. To be willing to be used up completely and keep nothing for myself. To invest me in all things.

…and frankly…I am pushing it all to the center of the table.


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