Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

Lately my theme has become, “I am tolerant of your intolerance of my intolerance.”

We all (unless you live under a rock, in which I envy your lack of drama) have been swamped with all the sides on the Great Chick-Fil-A debate. I would link to a source right now, but most of what I can find in the top stories are so extreme in either direction that I hesitate to do so. It pretty much boils down to a President of the chicken voiced off his beliefs, morals and view of the Biblical family.

I’ve been invited to events that support Gay Right protests at my local Chick-Fil-A.

I’ve been invited to events that support Chick-Fil-A President’s views.

Here is the thing, friends. I go to Chick-Fil-A because I have a weakness for their chicken, waffle fries and honey BBQ sauce.

I don’t go there looking for religion, moral guidance or the cure to a social issue.

Why? Because it is a restaurant. So I go there for food.

I suppose if we were to grill (lightly grill with special seasonings) every owner of every company here in America, we would find at least 75% that we have financially supported in the past that have ties to something that normally we wouldn’t agree with.

You know, America, where we have the right to commerce. The right to get a business loan not based on faith, sex, gender or anything else.

I have always known that Chick-Fil-A was a religious company. They have never made it a secret that they are closed on Sundays so their employees have the freedom to go to their churches to worship. Yet, never once when ordering a large waffle fry,  have they shoved a Bible in my bag. Never once during my stint as a single mother or remarried woman have I been ostracized because I wasn’t married to my first spouse. They never asked. They just served me my fries.

There will always be an uproar when someone voices a stand on what their convictions are. There will always be screams of “intolerance” when someone doesn’t agree with the choices of the other side. That’s America for you. The right to disagree publicly.

Yes, I am a Christian and believe in Biblical view of families, but I also love all of you regardless of whether you agree with me or not. I love you because I am no different than you. The whole homosexual/heterosexual has some powerful arguments on each side. I recently read an article written by a friend that was sharing a struggle that a same sex couple with adopted children were having that was ripping the family apart. Children from the only parents that they have known that are providing security and love when they desperately need it. Right or wrong, I understand the plight of a family.

Now just because I am a Christian, does that mean I think the family has it coming because they are same-sex? No, it means I am not God to judge. I feel for the pain they are going through and I pray that God heals whatever needs to be healed for people in pain.

I know where my faith lies and I don’t have to eat a chicken sandwich to prove it.

…and frankly…I would buy that couple I mentioned above a chicken sandwich too, because I am called to “love one another.”

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  1. Give to us clear vision that we may know where to stand and what to stand for—because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
    ~~Peter Marshall (1902–67) Senate chaplain

    If we are supposed to pick our battles in life then that’s what I’m doing with marriage equality. I just watched the documentary America, The Story Of Us. What I learned in that 12 episode show was the phrase “All Men Are Created Equal” has been applied wrongly by our country over the last 200 years. It took us 150 years to treate women as such. It took us 180 years to include people of color. I’m tired of waiting on societal evolution to acknowledge all men are created equal when it comes to same sex marriage.

    Yes, it’s just chicken. But other places serve it. As a Christian, I can not read Jesus’ red letters (those are the words in the Bible he spoke. in my pentacostal church we yell “red letters people!”) and then ignore intolerance among my fellow Christians.

    So, while I dig you, Kitty, the mostest, I’m staying away from the chicken zombies and standing with my gay, lesbian and transgender friends.

    good post

  2. Alycia, I’ve taken a few minutes this morning to look over the cfa situation. Wow. I’ve never seen something so polarized in my life. You want to get sick to your stomach go to CFA’s facebook page and see what people are saying to each other there. It goes beyond amazing. it’s horrible. I too am a Christian, wish nothing harmful to any one in the world, pretty much… But this makes me ill. If you believe in the bibles version of marriage, it means you’re full of hate? Like I said earlier, I believe God does not make mistakes, but I also believe he has one heck of a sense of humor. Some day I hope I get the punchline…

  3. I concur with 98% of this and love it! The 2% is because I am a fan of ALL marriage and take the biblical definition of a family loosely. That said, they’re a private company that sells damn good chicken sandwiches and they’ve never made it a secret that they are a very ultra conservative christian company.I always assumed they thought this way about this issue. I don’t know why they need to comment on it at all, though. Just sell sandwiches and run your business. I’ll continue eating there. I’ll also continue loving my gay friends and family members.

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