Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

Lately I have become addicted to watching ‘American Ninja Warrior”

Image from Google Images of Chris Wilczewski

It’s an obstacle course challenge with the top 10 going to “Mount Midoriyama” which was built here based on the course in Japan. Not one American has ever been able to complete the course.

I watch as competitor after competitor pushes themselves through the courses. I chant at the TV “Come on..come on” and when they fall, trip or just lose their strength, I passionately express my disappointment along with them.

Watching them struggle and claw their way to the end inspires me to be a Ninja Warrior in life.

Life is full of all sorts of obstacles that we will have to move past if we want to reach a heroic end. A hero in the eyes of our children, family and friends. Where when we reach the end, everyone knows that we gave all we had and fought past everything that stood in our way to reach our dream.

These warriors train and practice constantly. Building similar obstacle courses right where they live to prepare for the real thing. Pushing themselves harder and reaching past what they thought they could do. Although they have other jobs that they do in real life, they dedicate their passion and drive to these obstacle courses prepping themselves to be ready when its time for the real thing.

No matter what else life calls us to do; what if we trained and prepared ourselves to conquer our dreams? What if we pushed ourselves without mercy towards a singular goal?

At the beginning of the show the narrator points out that “no American has ever finished at Mount Midoriyama.” It is repeated several times through the show in every episode. Yet, Americans line up and fight through every course with the mission of being “The One.”

You have to know that the “no American has ever finished” part plays on loop inside their head. Yet, they keep trying. Some competitors try over and over in different seasons. They go with the mentality of “why not me?”

What if we were to look at the obstacles in our lives as challenges and not stopping points? The obstacles aren’t there to defeat us, but rather to ask us if we have what it takes to beat it and move forward.

To never allow someone’s opinion that we can’t do something to define what is possible for us? Just because nobody has done it, why does that mean that you can’t?

…and frankly…I can be a Warrior

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