Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

He was running late. It wasn’t normal for him, but today he was late.

As he drew closer to those who had been waiting for him; he saw their grief stricken faces instead of the usual smiles that greeted him. Before he had a chance to explain his tardiness, one of his friends launched into him in anger.

“We waited and you didn’t come in time. He’s already dead.”

One of his dear friends was now dead and he hadn’t been there for him.

He saw those weeping around him and his soul became increasingly troubled.

He wept for his friends, the death, for all those who were suffering around him and for himself.


Many nights after Dan’s death, I felt alone and that God didn’t care. He could’ve stopped it and intervened. Dan should have been spared.

As I cried out in my mortal spirit; I felt that God, the Immortal, couldn’t comprehend how this felt. To be powerless; to have no control and to be caught inside grief.

Then I remembered the story above from my childhood. The story of Jesus at Lazarus’s tomb. Sitting in church the biggest focus was Jesus raising Lazarus from death. Calling him to walk from his tomb. The miracle of it all.

The part that we never really focused on was that small verse “Jesus wept.”

As I recalled the story, I kept focusing on that small little verse. Almost insignificant in it’s mere two words.

Oh the significance of the simplicity of it. A pronoun followed by a verb. A person and his action recorded.

Jesus – Son of God, miracle worker, healer, King of Kings, Prince of Peace.

Wept – to express grief, sorrow, or any overpowering emotion by shedding tears.

With all of his power and the knowledge that he could indeed raise his friend from the dead; he mourned like everyone else.

He understood the despair that is within mourning. He shed very human tears.

The times since then when I have felt grief and felt so small; I now know that Jesus does understand grief that we face. He cries at situations that distress us. He gets us humans; because he has been one.

When you feel alone in your grief…

When you don’t understand why there was no intervention…

When you feel like God can’t understand…

Remember “Jesus Wept.”

…and frankly…isn’t that all we need to know?

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