“N.O.” Stands For “Next Opportunity”

The oldest boy has recently been assigned the task of getting his own vehicle. I have been bombarded by texts while he is at work with different listings and the request to “please ask about this one…” I’ve inquired about everything with wheels within a 150 mile radius and even some that are missing a wheel.

We haven’t found his “ride” yet, but while discussing one car he uttered the phrase we all know so well…

“What if they say ‘No?'”

Having been told “No” in my life more times than I have heard “Yes,” I looked at him and asked…

“So what if they do? What’s the worse that could happen? You hang up and move to the next listing.”

I remember the days when the word “No” meant the end of my wants and dreams. The word “No” was the most crushing feeling ever.

I asked my parents if I could go to a friend’s house for a party. They said “NO” (OMGosh life is OVER. I can’t go on. I can’t show my face at school. <insert teenage drama and angst>)

I asked the boy I had a serious crush on to walk me to my next class. He said “No” (OH NOOOOO…I’m unlovable. No boy will ever like me. I’m gonna be old and have a million cats. Life is OVER!!!)

Well time went by and I had no problem showing my face at school after not attending the party and I had a cuter guy ask me to prom. I didn’t really focus on it then, but I have since learned that “No” doesn’t mean “never” it means “Next Opportunity”

Just like with my stepson and his car, if he makes an offer and they say “No” it doesn’t mean he will never get a car. It only means he needs to move onto the next opportunity.

There is no reason to fear the “No” and be so scared that you never even ask or dream. Always ask yourself, “what’s the worst that could happen?”

Today a friend on my FaceBook wrote that she had something funny to say in response to what I had said, but was afraid that someone would take it wrong. I encouraged her to go ahead (she hasn’t yet) and write what she wanted to say. I feel she hesitated because of the “No.” Somebody wasn’t going to laugh. Somebody wouldn’t take it right.

This is where my mind says “…..and….” What’s the worst that could happen?

Today don’t be afraid of the “NO” and be eager for the “N.O. (Next Opportunity)”

Take a chance. Risk. Dream Dangerously.

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6 replies

  1. I think of it as a pendulum with “worst that can happen” on one side and the “best that can happen” on the other. The reality is almost always somewhere in the middle, so stop focusing on the one end 😉

  2. I have never thought of it this way. I love the concept. Does that mean no means no is only a myth? Shhh. Don’t tell my kids.

  3. I admit to being guilty of the extreme logic. If I had a fight with my boyfriend, it meant we were breaking up. One small event would then be created into a catastrophic THING inside my head. Most of the time, my fears never happened but it never stopped me from doing it.

    I love this advice. Love love love.

  4. I will tell write more here & fb when I get home and sit with a real keyboard that keeps up with my fingers. Lol Until then, I love you! 🙂

  5. Great!!! I haven’t heard that before. I can’t wait to share it with my friends.

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