Social Media Peeves

I have a pretty long list of peeves.

Turn signals left on for more than 2 miles.

Turn signals not used at all.

Stepping on a soaking wet bath mat in the dark.

The incorrect use of “effect,” “affect,” “then,” and “than.”

I could go on and on and on…feel free to leave yours in the comments.

The one that is irritating me today is “Guilt Updates” on social media.

I was following a well known animal rescue site to help provide support. Then I started seeing pictures of animals that were going to be put to death on any given day. Sad eyes, missing hair and rib cages protruding sat up, rolled over and begged me to “like” their page to prevent deaths. Ripping at my heart strings daily and making me feel as though their death was on my hands if I didn’t hit “like.” So I “liked” Spot, Fluffy, Rover and Kujo. I think I have “liked” about 3,000 doggies on death row (I haven’t knowingly supported a cat, sorry.) and I don’t feel as though I did anything, but subscribe to a constant running of a ASPCA commercial (which is like the worst thing to ever watch on TV *sniff*)

Then I start seeing pictures of children in various forms of illness. I am all for supporting children and helping to support the sites that help bring awareness raising funds for research, but when you ask me to “like” a picture to prove that a child is beautiful or deserving of special attention…there should be an “exploit” button next to the “like” button. Yes, the child is beautiful (every child is) Yes, the child deserves to be fought for (every child does) Yes, the child/illness/fund deserves recognition and help (every one is) but do we really know the source of these pictures and stories? Are we sure that the parent/guardian/etc. are supporting the passing around of their child like a trading card? Are we sure that these photos aren’t stolen, photoshopped or just a lie? There are some FaceBook, Caringbridge, etc. sites that I am subscribed to, but these have been verified through child advocates or people I know personally.

Lastly, verifying my faith or blessings by passing along a thread. Yes, I let my “little light shine,” but I am not going to turn that light into a flamethrower to blast everyone in my path. I am sure that Our Father Who Art In Heaven loves to have His word spread, but to question one’s spirituality on whether they want to dedicate a status update for one hour in hopes of a promised blessing. Really people? I gave up long ago trying to like or copy/paste these statuses because of the heavy load of guilt if I “denied Christ by not posting this because I was too afraid of what my ‘friends’ would think.” God judges my heart intentions not my friends on FaceBook.

Oh yeah…don’t ask me to send you a bag of energy for your mafia war conquests, because in person if you showed up at my house and wanted a Red Bull so that you can rob a gas station, I would deny you. Also, quit poking me because I am sure that if we met in person you wouldn’t poke me every time you see me. (With the exception of Lauren and Amy who I KNOW would actually poke me in person)

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  1. Oh, I’m so with you! I have some social media peeves I wrote about today too! It’s funny. I’ve read several posts today about social media cons. I guess we’ve all had enough.

  2. Snorting…out loud, because I can so relate. Thank God it wasn’t just me 😉

  3. *snort* The Red Bull/ rob gas station line had me ROLLING.

    I have a major peeve against Facebook status updates trying to guilt me into reposting some message about cancer/ heart attack/ dying children for an hour or a day, then say, 90% of people won’t do this, they’re heartless, be that 10%. I roll my eyes, say pssshh and look for an actual cause I can support. Updating my FB status ain’t gonna raise funds for anyone.

  4. Amen, sister!! I get so sick of those things! I have another social media pet peeve…I get sick of the “woe is me, we don’t have the $ to do such and such, our neighborhood is so bad look what happened, I had to get my car fixed so now I can’t take my kids to xyz place” type of posts. I have said, “Man this stinks, I need to get another car and am tired of searching, blah blah” but the whole ‘’ posts drive me nuts! I swear they are putting their problem/want/desire/whatever you want to call it out there in hopes that someone will send them money or whatever it is they are wanting. I have quit following several blogs as closely lately because I am tired of reading these things.

  5. Oh my social media pet peeves, they grow every day. I have a hard time with the constant complainers and poor me-ers. I also hate the fb status updates that say “I bet you won’t post this…” and now, I am dying to “poke” you on fb.

  6. You know full well that, in person…….you are getting poked.

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