My Name Means…

I found my name quickly in the book and confirmed what I already knew. I scribbled down the few words and passed it to the other women sitting around me. I watched as they found what they needed and then waited to share within my group. I always hated this exercise and everything about it.

Name meanings.

To me it didn’t fit and not only that but with my unique spelling I never could participate in getting pencils, stickers, cups, etc. with my name on it. Unless I use a Sharpie and write my name on it myself or pay for someone to do it on the spot, I will never own anything personalized.

Alycia a-ly-cia as a girl’s name is a variant of Alicia (Old German), and the meaning of Alycia is “noble, exalted”.

We began to share and I heard all the other meanings and we discussed if our names did indeed fit us. Around me was “song of joy” and “gentle” and “hopeful.” The meaning of these women’s names did fit them perfectly. Then we got to mine.

I shrugged a little as I told them “noble and exalted” and shook my head that I was no royalty so the name didn’t fit me. I murmured that I should have been named something that meant “lowly” or “worker.”

Ms. Gentle who was beside me patted my arm and said that my name fit me more than I knew. She said that she had noticed the symbol I had drawn in an earlier exercise and that I proved to be an “Alycia” at that point.

We had to draw a symbol that we felt represented what God wanted us to be. Around me they had drawn sunshine, smiley faces and hearts. My symbol was an open hand. I believed that God had called me to be open and willing to accept what he gave me. It was also to symbolize that I wanted to give all of myself to others.

Ms. Gentle pointed out that my servant heart to my family was the most noble thing I could do. My determination to raise the kids proved me to be exalted. My heart belonging to Christ deemed me of noble birth. A King’s daughter. At that moment I was proud to be “Alycia” and now believe that my name does fit me.

Later that day my Mother-In-Law and I wandered the many street vendors to see what we could find. There was a man who wrote names on rice. I didn’t know that was possible and when I scoffed, he proved it.

My name on a tiny piece of rice. I held that little grain and marveled at my name printed clearly.

To me rice was insignificant. A single grain can’t make a bit of difference. Yet, a full cup of rice mixed with boiling water can provide a delicious meal.

That grain of rice made me think of God’s plan. I, by myself, may be small and seemingly insignificant. He took the time to make my name known to His heart. His plan is to take that “Alycia” grain and throw it in with so many others to create something perfect by His design.

One tiny piece of rice named Alycia. It has meaning and importance.

What does your name mean? Do you believe it fits you?

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  1. That is one of the most moving stories I’ve ever read, congratulations for growing into your name Alycia.

  2. This is beautiful. I love the symbol you chose for yourself, and the meaning behind it.

    I can relate to not being able to find your name on personalized items. With the “ie” at the end of my Tracie, I have the same issue. I even blogged about it once, and a friend sent me 100 pencils with my name on them. (sweetest thing ever!)

    My name means courageous, warrior. There are days when this fits me perfectly , and there are also days when I need to work on it.

  3. I have the same issue with personalized nameplates. Nothing with “Jayonetta” and only “Jay” for boys. It’s kinda disappointing as a kid to search the racks for your name on a mug and nothing. More ppl spell names differently now. Not as many prenamed out there. I have a piece of rice necklace printer Jai. It sits in my jewelry box. But I still like it.

  4. I love this! I’m so delighted that there was such a godly loving woman sitting next to you and that she took time to lift you up!

    I believe that Bethany (full name) means house of God. I may not always live up to it but I know it to be always true!

  5. My name means Beloved. My middle name means Lily. Beloved Lily. Isn’t that precious? lol Seriously though, it’s true. I am beloved. I am God’s beloved. I am beloved by my parents, and I’m my husband’s beloved.
    My husband’s makes me laugh though. He is “lover of horses” and really, I don’t think he cares one way or the other about horses.

  6. My two names mean Lively Lilly. When I looked for just Sue, it wasn’t there only Susan or some other form but not Sue. I think my name fits me. Don’t you Alycia

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