Flashlight – Carrying Through The Darkness

The kids came to me the other day with a flashlight and told me I needed to change the batteries. As I was carrying it to the battery drawer I noted the brand. It was one of those real expensive flashlights that Dan used to carry all the time. I didn’t know my new husband had one of those and although it’s not a big deal; it caught my attention.

I unscrewed it and dumped the batteries on the counter and my breath caught.

The batteries were ones that Dan’s work had provided him and I had a memory of watching him put the batteries in and telling me those would last me a long time.

About a week before he died, I was complaining that the last storm we had knocked out the power and I needed a flashlight for the kids. He brought that one to me and put the fresh batteries while proclaiming the superiority of the flashlight.

We’ve lost power many times since then and I never gave it a second thought as I would grab the flashlight and comfort the kids. I used it out in the yard at night when taking the dog to the bathroom. I used it to light up an area where I was working. I gave it to children who were scared of the dark. It had carried us through the darkness many times and it wasn’t until I looked at those two batteries lying on the counter that I made the connection of Dan’s death and life with the flashlight.

I had to stop and allow grief to wash over me as I thought back over all the dark times that we went through. Then I felt a peace course through my heart as I remembered all the times that we had a “flashlight” to carry us through the darkness.

Family that gathered around the girls and I.

Friends that helped to provide in every way. From mechanics who didn’t charge me to fix the car, to doctors who waived their services, mail that arrived with little gifts for the girls, handwritten notes of love, church family who made love baskets, etc.

Strangers who reached out to tell me their story and let me know that I wasn’t alone.

Yet the brightest light in that darkness was the touch of my Father in Heaven who heard my cries. He assured me that even though He didn’t promise that nothing harmful would ever touch His children; He was there to hold us through it.

The storms will come through our lives and the darkness will cover us. Yet there is a light that will carry us through.

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4 replies

  1. OMG – This really, REALLY touched me. May you continue to find blessings in the little details.

  2. This was beautifully written. Thank you for sharing the importance of light in the rough moments. Much continued love to you. {{hugs}}

  3. Very profound. And it’s one of the small things that the girls’ dad did well and loved them in his own way and care for them. Those little things are probably all through their lives. I think it’s sweet.

  4. Beautiful as always! I love the way you share your heart!

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