Friday Flash

A flashback at the past week in our home.

I made an announcement to the children: “Family announcement: The next child to glue their cup to the counter for fun, use my toothbrush to groom an animal or hide in the food pantry to give me a heart attack will be disinherited. No appeals.”

I did the balancing broom trick to the amazement of the children and to have at least 15 people tell me about the Equinox hoax. It’s still fun!

Craft time with the children went to the dogs. Seriously.

Just another day in our home as I rescue a dog from the shed roof…

There were profound moments of wisdom, such as:

“Mom I would be patient if it was my turn already.”

“Momma if the whole world didn’t like bacon and eggs, they could give it all to me and I would eat it. Then we would all be so happy, but especially me cause I would have all the bacon.”

We learned that if we throw miniature chocolate bars in the bathtub, it looks a lot like poop and mom will freak out!

We caught 6 newts and learned that we DON’T let them loose in the house. On the bright side it motivated me to move the fridge out and clean underneath it.

We learned that under no circumstance is it a good reason to fill a bucket full of water and place it in a bedroom and take turns dunking each other’s hair.

We learned that no matter how much fun it is, it is a bad choice to have a ketchup war on Mommy’s white bedspread.

I learned that I can flip a stained white bed spread over and learn to live with the reverse side.

I wrote on the blog about:

How size doesn’t matter

How we were born to fly

The difference in a “back up” plan and a “back away” plan

What was one your favorite memories from the past week?

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3 replies

  1. I don’t understand the balancing broom trick. Is your broom really standing by itself? I’m so confused.

  2. Sometimes it’s laugh or cry. Hope you find a replacement bedspread. I now use bed spreads that are warm but unfluffy so they fit in the wash machine. And I only have one child. If there’s an upset stomach or potty accident, chances are the bed is involved. Luckily it’s upstairs.

  3. Laughing with you at your colorful week in review post. Laughing at you because my children are grown……. 🙂

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