I am here….

I will write because the art of writing grants my heart freedom.

I will write only my heart’s words because anything else enslaves my voice.

I will write dangerously. Daring to reopen wounds and knowing that the flow of words from pain is healing.

I will look to others for inspiration, but never for comparisons. I am unique.

I will write when I am inspired to. I will write when I am not. I will write, period.

I will write in confidence and never for subscriptions or followers.

I will never be content with “good enough,” but strive to be my best.

I am commanded to use my gift of words to inspire, encourage and share hope.

If I write for any other reason than I am being untrue to my calling.

I am here to create.

I am here to dream.

I am here to believe in myself.

I am here to love my life and honor that gift.

I am here to make my mark.

I am here to make it count.

   I am here to write.


During Blissdom we had the honor of workshops led by so many talents. One of my personal favorites was Jeff Goins. A local writer with a heart for the very core of writing. Writing because you love it, not for any other reason (although being published wouldn’t be all bad!)

After checking out his website, I downloaded the free e-book “The Writer’s Manifesto.” He encourages the reader to write their own. Above was my take from it.

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9 replies

  1. Yes. I agree. Just write for the love of writing.

  2. I am standing with you. I will write dangerously, too.
    love this. outstanding piece, Alycia.


  3. This just shows how phenomenal you are and how you have taken this life of yours and decided to LIVE it.

    I am as always inspired by you!

  4. you inspire me, thank you for being honest, thank you for encouraging others.

  5. I love your manifesto. I’ve been hearing really good things about that session at Blissdom. This writing dangerously thing looks good on you.

  6. I love your passion and authenticity. All the time. But especially with this piece 🙂 #withyasister


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