Friendship Within Limits

Our pups, Jill and Deogi, do just about everything together. They wrestle each other, play with the same toy, fight like human siblings and sleep together. They are nearly inseparable. Until Jill learned to get under the fence. She has serious Houdini skills and I’ve patched fence, blocked fence and wrestled heavy rocks to deter her. She just finds a new place in which to escape. Fortunately, Deogi has no inclination to join her on those journeys.

When Jill gets out she does a tour of the neighborhood and then my phone starts ringing as the neighbors call to tell me of her escapades. She has a great time 4 houses down when the woman’s grandson is there. She’s become buddies with the teen across the street who adores her soft fur. The list goes on and on. She is loved and accepted by many. Yet, we live on a street that is curvy and cars aren’t always expecting a dog to be crossing the street.

In an effort to keep her safe we purchased one of those stake out cables. It gives her plenty of room to move around and play until she can come safely back inside. The only problem is that is nowhere near the size of our backyard and Deogi is free to run every inch. I worried that she would become very agitated with her restriction while he got to romp and play.

One of their games is to pick up a stick and play tag with it. I let them out and put Jill on her cable and Deogi ran to grab a stick. He brought it to her; taunting and then ran off for the game to begin. She made it all of about 30 feet and was stopped. She sat down, ears perked and watched Deogi run with that stick. When he realized that she wasn’t chasing him, he stopped and came back to her.

After a few sniffs he discovered the cable and then walked in a circle around her. It looked like he was gauging her limits. After they were done walking that circle, Deogi ran off and retrieved the stick he had dropped. He came back and dropped it within the circle. They played their game within the limited space and Deogi never once strayed out of it to where Jill couldn’t reach him. After play time they laid down together in the sun.

To me, that is what true friendship is all about.

Sometimes we have things happen in our lives that limit us or changes our ability to react like we always did before. A true friend comes to you and tries to figure out what is holding you back. Then they learn to love you within your limits.

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  1. and they respect those limits.

    About a year and a half ago I learned valuable lesson is dropping a friend when they don’t know the lines that can’t be crossed.

    For the record, I’d run play tag then relax in the sun afterward with you anytime. I mean that in the most non creepy way possible.

  2. Deogi is a highly intelligent and caring dog. My dogs would have done the complete opposite. Taken it and dropped it right outside of her boundaries. And stuck their doggie tongues out at each other too. You need good dogs. I like them best when they are about one year and they start to seem like they comprehend English. Supposedly, they can learn like 100 words.

  3. Aww, how sweet! I love how much we can learn from our pets sometimes. xoxo

  4. Yep. Sometimes we have to put limits just for our own sanity, but still need to be accepting of those limitations and how they affect the other person. I’m lucky to call you friend. I hope you are enjoying Blissdom or whatever it is.

  5. I love this! I have always had the opinion that animals can teach us so much if we would just slow down and pay attention.

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