Dear Society

Dear Society,

I’m taking back my kids from what you want us to do. I’m doing this because I feel that my kids deserve more than just to become the status quo; they deserve to live life as it was intended to be lived.

If their ears are big, if they are heavier than the other kids, if they don’t have perfect breasts at 13; they will be taught that we are all different and embrace their individuality. I will not subject them or encourage them to have plastic surgery to “fix” what is wrong. They will be taught to accentuate their uniqueness.

Bullies? Look out. My kids are being taught to be empowered. They are taught that they lay down for no one’s abuse. They are being taught that they shouldn’t start a fight with anyone, because that is what weak people do. However, they can stand up and finish it. If they can’t fight that battle, then I will. When they are in the right, I will fight with everything I have and will never leave it up to your zero tolerance.

Product development teams that are using sex to sell everything from jeans, perfume and food? You are barking up the wrong tree with my kids. They will be taught that they have the right to demand respect from the opposite sex. They will be taught that the scent of a perfume does not make you sexy, but rather a confidence in themselves. They will be taught that sex doesn’t equal acceptance, love or anything else. Sex is sex and will be reserved for the one that are meant to be with. It’s not a hobby or a past time but an expression of devoted love.

Media? Your movies, video games and other influences that my kids are being flooded with…I’m shutting you down. I do not agree with your PG and PG-13 ratings. I don’t agree with your subtle innuendos within movies geared for kids. I do not agree with the amount of violence you think is acceptable for a child. It is NOT preparing kids for real life. It is NOT teaching them about reality. It IS influencing minds that should not have to process adult themes. It IS desensitizing minds and moral compasses.

Society, these are MY children; not yours. I will not allow you to raise them or influence them any longer. Your rules where everybody is the same and nobody fails has taken the competitive drive away from children to strive to do better. You ask that we all swim the same speed in the same stream towards the same destination.

I may fail and in the end my children may end up conforming to what you think is best for them, but I am going to fight you regardless. This is going to get ugly, because they are worth so much more than you value them to be.


One Mom

**I had the joy of guest posting over at “The Scoop On Poop” today so go visit me there as well!

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8 replies

  1. I’m with you. I don’t “Sell” beauty and strength over here either. I teach it.

  2. I only wish more parents would take responsibility for their children like this! Good for you…

  3. Preach on, sista, preach on!

  4. Hell Eff’ing Yeah Woman. I got your back too. I am 100000000000000% on the same page. And T and I are both with you on this. Kids are kids and they are our kids. We raise ours, you raise yours and let the weak minded people of the worlds in which we live in give their children to outside and then see what happens. I cant take mine back, cause society never had em, but bet your ass, they never will get em either. Great post.

  5. I one hundred percent agree. Our family has been swimming against the current for most of my married life.

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