Love Is…

Love is…

One more bedtime story.

One more kiss goodbye.

One more minute in an embrace.

One more “I am sorry”

One more “You are forgiven”

One more “You first.”

One more “What do you think?”

One more “What can I do for you?”

Love is a verb demonstrated by the action of “One More.”

Valentine’s Day is not a day specifically for lovers, but a day to celebrate those who love. Whether you showed your love to your child by one more kiss goodnight; your dog with one more belly rub; your friend with one more minute laughing or yourself by forgiving yourself one more time. This is your day.

So to you: Happy Valentine’s Day.


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4 replies

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day my friend. It’s a great day for showing a friend how much you care. Stop by my place and grab a cupcake. 😉

  2. Happy Valentine’s day my friend!!!!! Love to YOU always!

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day… One more laugh for the day.

  4. Hope you had a great day of V. I’m sure Helene was your highlight.

    Love is

    that pinch on the butt as you’re making her a sandwich

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