Power To Judge

This guy

is in trouble. The problem is he is a 50lb baby and getting bigger every day. It was quickly spiraling out of our control and he now outweighs many of the little ones in our house.

Solution: shock collar

Disclaimer: Please don’t send Sarah McLachlan to sing to me on behalf of abused animals everywhere. First it will ruin my day. Second this dog is far from abused as he steals my husband’s side of the bed and gets hand fed steak off the grill.

So after receiving it yesterday and getting it charged. This morning was Day 1 of “Shock and Awe” Training. I put the collar on him and held onto the transmitter; following him around the house waiting for his first sign of Mr. Trouble. He came close a couple of times and my finger hovered twitching over the big red button. Judging his movements, trying to predict his behavior and having the power to discipline from 20 feet away.

Perfect behavior. A couple of moments of possible stubbornness, but overall the best behavior I have ever seen out of him.

In fact after being followed for around an hour, he gave up and just laid in the middle of the floor. His big brown eyes looking sad; sighing with exasperation over being watched so heavily. I finally gave up, put the transmitter down and sat on the couch. He reverted back to happy puppy and bounded up beside me.

I started thinking about having this power to judge and how we all watch over others with our fingers twitching over that big red button. Scrutinizing their every move of what we deem to be acceptable. Just waiting to pounce on their first mistake.

Eventually those around us get so tired of our judgmental eyes following them, they give up. They cease to be themselves for the fear of being judged by their every move. Possibly they begin resenting the power we hold over them.

We all have that big red button of judgement inside of us. Its within our nature to criticize and categorize those around us. What if we just sat back and gave up our power of judgement? Would those around us be more inclined to relax beside us and just be themselves?

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4 replies

  1. Oh, man! I love this post! You are so insightful. And I really appreciate this one because I think we’re all guilty sometimes, and it’s a good reminder to worry about ourselves before we take to the masses.

  2. Wow, this one hit home. I hover on that big red button a lot, like judgment waiting to happen. It’s a part of myself I constantly have to manage!

  3. Great perspective, as usual, Miss Alycia! I do like the way your mind works!

  4. I think they would. Perhaps thats why the people we are most comfortable around are the ones who don’t judge us. What a great post and a cute dog!!

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