Connections and Coincidences

*Today I am also guest posting over at “Naked Girl In A Dress” about “Rediscovering Hope and Love” I am honored to be there!

Last night I watched the season premiere of “Touch”

(Side note to TV program people…do NOT show a premiere of a series if you aren’t going to air the show again for a month. Totally not fair!!!)

I was anxious to watch it because it features a young boy who is autistic and the “Red String Of Fate Theory.”

(Another side note: I am not a believer of Asian beliefs, but am fascinated by the red thread and egg rolls…LOVE me some egg rolls.Although the chopstick thing…Yeah, those were invented to make me eat less and are very effective as a diet technique)

Watching the show last night brought full circle a series of conversations I have been having lately. Namely with a beautiful soul named El. She writes at “The Itchy Soul” which is described as a “spiritual watering hole for heathens and Jesus freaks” <- told you she was beautiful! We had a conversation about coincidences yesterday. I’ll spare you my long drawn out response (I was actually accused of being long winded…ME! I know…shocker!), but I said “NO!”

In the beginning of the series it follows several people who are living their own little lives and through a fortunate or unfortunate series of events end up finding out how they are all connected to each other. Such as a man was caused to miss his bus and ended up being in the spot of a bus wreck and saving many children’s lives.

Was that coincidence?

How many times have we made a choice that seemed insignificant at the time, but put us directly in the path of something bigger or took us off the path of something destructive?

In light of recent events in my life that I could have never imagined, I began to look back at the small choices that I made that led to this point. A phone call answered. A chance meeting because I changed my plans at the last minute.Even down to the connections I have made with friends across the nation all because I decided one day to journal my life on a whim.

Each event in my life has happened to place me perfectly in this spot to be perfectly me.

El then asked the question:

Sooo, if you don’t believe in coincidences, have you ever found yourself guilty of looking for connections which in reality might be somewhat tenuous.

I do tend to look for a connection, but not because I need the validation of the path I am on. I do it to look at the awesome and intricate design that I couldn’t have imagined. It’s like watching an artist sketch. You see a few lines drawn on the paper and you aren’t able to visualize the finished product, but the artist knows where he is going all along with those few lines. After the picture is finished and you look at those first few marks, you see where it was leading to all along.

The point being is that God has designed me and every aspect of my life to create a finished picture. It will not be complete until I take my last breath, so even parts that seem to break me is proof that He still has plans for me.

Just like that Red String Of Fate, there are connections that were planned for me all along. People and situations that were designed to lead me to a new chapter in my life.

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  1. Good truths here. New chapters every day are written.

  2. There was a guy that spoke at GABC several years ago that refers to those seemingly random connections as “God winks”. He is constantly at work in our lives, events happens, and we look to Him for answers. Sometimes those answers are little winks that remind us that we are infinitely precious to Him. Think of all the messages we can convey to our loved ones through a wink. “We’re in this together, honey.”, “I get what you are thinking”, “I love you”, etc. Winks are intimate reminders that there is a special connection we share with our creator. I believe it’s important to actually try and find God in all situations, hence my life verse is Romans 8:28. Bad things happen, but God is GOOD and every wink from Him is a reminder that He ultimately has this in hand.


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