Sweeping Up The Broken Pieces

*bounce bounce bounce*

I don’t have to see it to know that the kids are bouncing the ball in the house. Bouncing balls turns to throwing balls. Throwing balls turn into something getting broken.

I holler out above the barely contained squeals and screams, “Don’t bounce the ball in the house.”

A chorus rings out, “We aren’t!!!”

“Yes you are and it needs to stop now!”

I can almost picture them rolling their eyes. Some doubt if I really know. The others are awed by my magical ability to see through walls. They deliberate among themselves and decide that since I can’t see them, I can’t stop them. I hear the ball bouncing again and before I have a chance to call out again with my warning; something crashes to the floor.

It’s time for me to roll my eyes as I grab the broom and dustpan. I round the corner to eyes wide with innocence, hands clasped behind their back and halos freshly shined for inspection.

“I told you that you were going to break something!”

Depending on the object and severity of the break, I may or may not be able to repair it. If I can’t repair it then I will probably just move something into the blank space.

I’m frustrated. Why didn’t they heed my warning? I knew what was going to happen.

There have been times in my life that I began to do something that I shouldn’t. It may have started innocent enough, but it was going to lead into something much more disastrous. There were warnings, but I thought to myself…”just one more bounce won’t hurt anything. Besides…nobody is really looking.”


I survey the broken parts around me and wonder how it got out of hand so quickly? How am I now standing here among the shattered pieces?

I can picture God just rolling his eyes at me. Frustrated and probably mumbling to Himself, “Why didn’t she heed my warnings? I knew what was going to happen!”

I pray back, “Oh dear…I didn’t know that was going to happen…although I did…I just didn’t think *I* would do it…can you fix it God?”

He looks at my broken little life and grabs the broom and dust pan.

Sometimes when it seems broken beyond repair, it gets tossed and something even better gets put in the empty place. Something I didn’t deserve, but what He had planned all along for me.

Sometimes I feel that being a parent gives me a better idea of what God deals with on a daily basis with me. We warn our children and set boundaries because we want them to make the right choice, but we want them to make the ultimate good/bad choice themselves. We want to see that our lessons took and that they respect the consequences. Yet, they are kids…it’s going to happen and we are standing by with our brooms and dustpans. Ready to clean it up and hope they learned this time so nothing else gets broken.

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4 replies

  1. Love this part…”Sometimes when it seems broken beyond repair, it gets tossed and something even better gets put in the empty place. Something I didn’t deserve, but what He had planned all along for me.” Great reminder.

  2. GREAT post! Passing this one on.

  3. So much beauty and encouragement in this post. I like the concept of God standing by with a broom and dust pan. You know how much I needed this today. XOXO


  1. We’re all kids.

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