Kicking The Rooster Out

Somewhere last decade I received a glass rooster oil decanter that went in the kitchen. To complete the ensemble there was two glass grape clusters filled with oil. I kept them in the kitchen and dutifully kept them wiped off and clean.

I’ve moved several times and always took the time to wrap them up safely and place them on the counter in the new residence.

Today I was cleaning the kitchen counter and as always, cleaned them and put them back in their respective places. As I was drying the last of them up and making sure they were arranged perfectly; a thought crept into my mind. The same thought I have had for the past umpteen years.

I hate those stupid things.

This time I explored the thought a little. “Why are they still here if I hate them?”

Habit? Expectations? Obligations?

They were there because they always had been.

In a mild hissy fit; I grabbed a trash bag and hurled those decanters in. Gone were the yellow grapes with bits of Rosemary floating inside the globes. Gone was that stupid rooster with pearl onions gathered in his cocky tail. There was now a blank space on the counter. I looked around and saw my radio I listen to while I am cooking. I adore music in the kitchen. Often times that radio has spawned a dance party with my daughters while pasta cooks. Its brought on a sing-off with the boys. It’s caused my husband to whirl me into an impromptu dance. I love that radio and I love the happiness it brings me.

I moved it into the decanter’s previous residence and I felt…….EMPOWERED!

I took something out of my life that I have never liked. I had no reason to keep it other than it was just a fixture. It had always been there and I had ALLOWED it.

What if you were to do that in your emotional life? Thoughts that you don’t like that are in your head. Perhaps someone gave you that thought, but you have never liked it or agreed with it? Maybe it is something you thought yourself, but it makes you think negatively about yourself?

What would happen if you threw away that stupid cocky little Rooster and replaced it with something that made you happy?

Empowerment! Choosing to take the negative and throw it away. Deciding that you don’t like it; so why should you keep it around?

Kick out the Rooster!

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12 replies

  1. we;ve been doing this with kids’ stuff, garden tool stuff that’s broken, etc….forget spring cleaning, we’re winter dumping.

  2. I do the dumping 3 to 4 times a year. Thank you for letting me know it is ok. The last thing I dumped was a sweater that I got for Christmas a year ago. It looked horrible on me and I never wore it.

  3. Holy moly, I love this post! It amazes me how we hang onto those things like the rooster. We’ve all got them and tolerate them. What’s the payoff in keeping that thing around?

    Here’s to grabbing the trash bag and doing a bit of early spring cleaning!

  4. Lovin the new blog look!!!!

    And I loved this too…a new shower curtain can honestly make my whole day, change my whole attitude so I get it, I do. I often move furniture…put things that have worn out their welcome away and reset my vision too….throw that rooster out!!!!!

  5. I love this SO much!

    My daughter and I actually spent a couple of hours today going through things and we filled up two big boxes to go to goodwill and a couple of trash bags. It really is empowering.

  6. I’ve always been known for my motto, “If in doubt, throw it out.” Sure, it’s backfired on me a few times, but this mantra keeps my life uncluttered. Way to go, Alycia!

  7. I love it! Clearing out what is no longer needed so space remains…and then, we find exactly what we DO need. (counter space, mental space…you name it!)

  8. I love the way you created space for what is truly important to you. It’s so easy to stay stuck in the way it’s always been without even realizing it. I’m turning a fresh eye on my precious space to see where I’m tied down to something that no longer serves me.

  9. SHUT UP!!! I wanted that rooster!! Haha! Oh you remind me of myself! How much stuff have I held on to! Thanks for making me think & laugh!

  10. I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m not in the habit of keeping things I don’t like and think you should only surround yourself with items that make you happy.

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