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I stare at the space under the window shade. A thin teasing slip of daylight is all that is revealed. From where I sit the details of what is beyond the pangs of glass are obscured. I am unable to tell by shadows what time of day it is, what the weather is like or what may be happening outside my fortress of home. There was a time that I could not have waited at the first glimpse of light to open the shade in delight of life happening.

There is a massive Elm not more than 30 feet from where I sit. The gnarled limbs cast playful paths of shadows on the ground at different times of the day. Lines of darkness contrasting with the light. Enticing my eyes to follow the whimsical avenues across the lawn. Often the pudgy orange tabby from across the street would bask in the streaming glow from beneath the branches. Watching in a practiced aloof intensity at the birds cavorting above him while he warmed his fur.

The worn street in front tells the tale of busy fathers coming home for dinner, mothers racing to the next play date and children running back and forth in the creative games that only a child knows the rules to. Pockets of gravel gone collect rainfall into delightful puddles where leaves would impersonate a great ship off to sea, entice children to dance barefoot in a timeless choreography of youthful  passion and invite the numerous tiny brown speckled birds to cleanse their feathers of the weight of the sky.

Its been cold enough lately to render the clouds of their burden of snow. Perhaps the family across the street is outside in the Winter Wonderland erecting one of their quirky snow people. Children clapping in glee as the father surrenders one of his best ties to encircle the great frozen head of the curious smile that haphazardly placed pebbles bring. The mother always hovering near the front door with a smile that says she is filing away the scene in her heart. Ready to dash in a whip up 5 mugs of steaming hot chocolate. I assume she uses whipped cream on the top. She looks the type.

Our mail carrier would lazily stop between the houses. Bundles of letters thrust from his vehicle to the awaiting box. He always lingers a moment at each stop in case someone lurches from the front door for an awaited birthday card from a family member across the country. He knows the exact size and weight of a birthday card and releases it into the excited hands with pride and a birthday wish.

Lately outside my window it has been more subdued as families surrender to the economic times and erect the small plaques in their lawns announcing that they are moving off to another adventure in another place.The stabbing loneliness of the echos of children’s laughter that is gone. Snow will not be rolled bringing a wintery smile to a well dressed snow man. Even the brown speckled birds bounce upon the lawn in leisure with the absence of the tabby cat.

For now I will sit with shades drawn to reveal my slice of light and memory of a view.

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  1. “For now I will sit with shades drawn to reveal my slice of light and memory of a view.”

    The perfect ending!
    I liked this. I love the imagery you put in it. Thank you so much for linking up!

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