Friday Flashes

Welcome to another “Holy-Cow-We-Survived-Another-Week” Friday Flash. Last week’s Friday Flashes was about eating boogers, belching contests and children who get stuck in trees.

This week…well I am learning that it will always be about boogers, belching and butt cracks, but we managed to put together a PSA video to other little children about the whole tree climbing incidents. (That can be viewed on my FB page)

The beginning of the week started with my attendance at the first meeting of PodCamp Nashville 2012. It was a quick meeting of assigning some duties (I’m doing some content writing and social media work) but I had to leave the husband home with all the kids. I was a little thrilled to be out of the house alone and a little scared if there would be a house when I came home. As the meeting was wrapping up, I received this picture on my cell…

I hurried home…


Once upon a time, families used to gather around a nice board game for family time. These days we are surrounded by so many means of electronic distractions, that good ole’ family competition has just about flown out the window. Until…Temple Run (on iPhone or iPod) Everyone in my family (including Aunts, cousins, etc.) have been playing this game and challenging the others with their score. We’ve sat side by side in the house uttering frustrations, whooping victories and singing little songs to distract the other causing them to lose. We have been brought back together in Family Fun Time…you say “addiction” we say “BRING IT!”


The girls were having a tea party in the dining room and I walked through and saw 4 gallons of water covering everything. was probably a mere cup of water, but it sure looked like 4 gallons when I’m the one that has to clean it up. I got onto the girls and said, “You need to get this cleaned up and no more using real water for tea parties.”

The 4yo said “but we aren’t…we are just pretending to play tea party”

I snarled back “then why is there water EVERYWHERE?”

6yo retorted “cause you have a good imagination like us.”

God grant me strength…I laughed and gave up.


A reader asked the question about our dinner times…”Do we all eat together, do I cook for everyone and are there pictures”

I do cook for everyone in the house (unless I call the husband with the “Oh-My-Heavens-I-Cant-Do-It-Bring-Pizza” request) and we all eat around the same time. My dining room table only sits 6, since I am not lucky enough to have a Grand Dining Hall with a limousine dining table. Some sit at the bar, some sit at the dining room table and Mom and Dad stand at the ready by the counter to pass out towels, refill cups, rinse off utensils dropped, hand out seconds, thirds, fourths, stop the dog from being fed, clean up spills, hand out fifths, sixths, clean up more spills, stop fights from who got more, who is touching who and manage to scarf down a meal ourselves.

There are no pictures of our actual meal time, but these are a good example…

How it feels when we are filling plates

Dinner Time


Today we are snowed in. In the South this means there is an actual snowflake (notice that is NOT plural) and schools are closed. In my house it means that everyone is cooped up inside enjoying the last bread and milk from the grocery store. It means there is a constant state of being that is closely related to the beginnings of a street rumble. Unless there is a good 4-6 inches on the ground where I can release the beasts into snowman assembly mode, its just not worth going outside. So it’s time to torture Mom, Dad and big brothers…if they can find us…..(insert evil laugh….there is chocolate in here…not coming out anytime soon…)

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