Judging Value

There is a dollar in your pocket. If it goes into a coke machine or if it needed to pay your mortgage; is it’s value the same?

In the game “Spill The Beans” every bean is the same, yet that last bean that makes it spill seems of greater significance.

A simple note or call to a friend that you wrote quickly may be the one thing that makes them feel loved and important that day.

Value is not what the object or action is, but in the effect that it will have.

Yesterday right before I was going to bed I noticed it was someone’s birthday. I wrote a quick note and rolled over to go to sleep without a second thought. This morning I read this response….

“Thank you so much for taking the time to send me a birthday message ! That means a lot! I’m so glad you have found happiness. I read about 20 blogs at lunch and yours was one, call me a cyber stalker ! But I did pray for you to be happy and make it through ! I’m very happy for you ! And again thank you ! It does mean a lot and that is probably silly but of all the messages I got yours made me tear up, just cause you have had such a year but took time for me ! I know silly ! You have a great year girl!”

I felt my jaw drop when I read “….you took time for me.”

That 2 minutes it took for me to write a birthday sentiment, yet its value to her was worth so much more.

During the hardest parts of last year, there was a woman who sent letters and small gifts to the children almost every other day for a solid month. The words were short and simple. The gifts small. The impact it had on my children to know that someone out there cared was beyond value. The joy it brought my heart to see them dancing around the mailbox and to present them each with a envelope with their name on it; beyond value.

The smile you give to a stranger may be the one bright spot in their day that they needed.

The phone call to a friend may be the one time that day that they felt they were important.

The money I slip in an offering plate may put food on a table for a family that is hungry.

What seems to have little value to me, may be profound in the effect it has somewhere else.

The note from the friend in response to the birthday wishes may have taken her a minute or two to write back to me. To me its invaluable. She told me that she read my words, prayed for me often and rejoiced with me in happiness. I never knew she did any of that. I didn’t ask her to. In her response back I knew I was loved and important.

Sometimes I feel small. Sometimes I feel my actions are insignificant. Sometimes I feel like I can’t make a difference. Sometimes I feel as though my value is small.

Its moments like these that show me that the little things I don’t really think about, but do anyways are beyond value to someone.

Question to reader: What is a time that someone made you feel valued when you needed it most?

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  1. Yesterday … and you know …. but did you know how hard I have been fighting depression, family stress (including an adult child who has chosen addiction over her family), financial stress, health stress … just trying to keep my head above water! And 2 days before Christmas I told God, and my husband, that I was done, I wanted out, it hurt too bad, and every day since I have to CHOOSE to get up and live. And yesterday morning I said “I wish” and God prompted you to offer me a gracious gift that I can anticipate during these hard days … and without pausing to reconsider … you said “yes!”

    And maybe even bigger than that … there have been some days when I have struggled just to maintain and somehow you and your crazy tribe have made me laugh!

    Don’t EVER think you are small and insignificant, Alycia! God is using you, your words, your story, your humor, your grace, in ways you cannot imagine!

    Thank you!

  2. I had an ex approach me today to say he had been reading my blog. He said he can tell the difference between my ups and downs (I’m bipolar) and I’ve had some really, dreadful downs. He slipped in to say that he didn’t think I’d care what he had to say but, “You’re worth the fight.” And then he turned and left and I smiled.

  3. I love God-incidences like this because guess what today’s soul itch audio was about? How God is in the small things. 🙂 So it doesn’t take much of an imagination for you to guess just how much I adored this. You never fail to amaze me. How do you write stuff like this while mothering 8 children? Amazing. 🙂

  4. Alycia, Over the course of 6 years that I have known you, you have been a great blessing to me. Whenever I needed anything you were ALWAYS the one to be there for me. I will be forever grateful for your friendship, love, and advice. I trust your advice and think very highly of you. I admire you for many things. I love you girl. Hugs

  5. Make no mistake. Even in your darkest hour, you were an inspiration. It really is the small moments that can make a difference to someone. You never know when the small moments is going to make a large impact so I try to sprinkle them around as much as I can.

  6. Cute header!!!

    I love this post! It’s a great reminder to all of us to think about what a quick smile, or a thank you might mean to someone else.

  7. Thank you for your prayers… smile.

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