Hi Blissdom

It’s crazy. It’s intense. It’s a thing of beauty.

No…not my hair (although I am sad to confess I covered the gray streak many of you petted last year) I am talking about Blissdom.

With Sara from "Saving For Someday"

Blissdom: (copied from the site) Five years. The social media landscape has changed significantly since our first conference, embracing new platforms, incredibly significant reach and influence, and exponential growth in numbers of participants alone. It is a thrilling time to be a creative personality and we are honored to grow with you, anticipating your needs and answering your challenges.

Last year you may remember me behind the ticket counter, handing out your Bliss bags and generally working. This year, I am sitting with you! (SQUEE – ok, not really…I am not a “SQUEE”er)

Taking a picture with the fab Alli!

A little about me:

I am Crayon Wrangler (Alycia) and I adore social media! From the brand networking to connecting with like-minded people. I’m all over it!

I believe this is Shell from ShellThings...but don't believe the pictures...they lie!

Take some time digging in my archives. There is everything from Fiction, Family posts, Inspriational Posts and Humor (ALWAYS humor!) I’m looking forward to getting to know you and spending those whirlwind days of Blissdom with you!

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3 replies

  1. And this year, you will truly be able to enjoy it knowing you have a loving supportive husband taking care of things back home 🙂

  2. I’m so excited about my first Blissdom! I can’t wait to behold the beauty. I still can’t stinking believe I’m going. Thanks so much for your post and for sharing your pictures; I’m soaking up everything I can before I head out next month!

  3. You seem really real and fun. Hope we get to meet.

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