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Thoughtful question* received through email: What in your childhood moved you to create?

As far back as I can remember I had one of two objects in my hands. A sketch pad or a book. I doodled on the side of my homework through school and lost myself in books every chance I got.

The first time I remember that I wanted to be a writer was when I spent time with my dad at his work where I had access to a typewriter. It was summertime. The office was hot and not conducive to good moods. I began to write little short stories and show them to my dad. Soon he was chuckling and I began to learn to express all of my emotions through written word.  I poured myself into every genre I could find and studied different styles to find my niche. My writing typically reflects mostly anthropomorphism, but there is a lot of humor peppered in. I’ve done a lot of ghost writing, content writing and inspirational content. The book that I published was a romantic humor; which I enjoyed, but it isn’t my passion.

Photography didn’t enter my life until I was 20. My first camera was a joke with its 3 mega pixels, but I quickly became fascinated with lighting and angles to change what I could see to only what I wanted to see. I thoroughly enjoy portrait photography and enjoy getting to be a part of people’s memories, but my favorite shots is animals and nature macro.

I think I mainly enjoy these two things, because the truth is…I am not good at verbally expressing myself. I get anxious in social situations and tend to want to puke when I have to speak in front of people. I do it, but its not easy for me. Writing and photography are safe areas for me to express exactly how I feel. To capture a scene through a view finder or through constructed words on paper just works better for me.

I began this blog as a way to journal my life, but that quickly morphed into a spot for me to write short fiction and connect with companies and other writers. I write here in a more casual tone, because I love the conversation and dialogue that I have with my readers. Many of my comments are people who just happened to find me that I have had the honor of forming friendships with. I’ve discovered a wealth of other bloggers who have amazing talent and stories to tell. Through these dialogues I have been inspired, challenged and encouraged through the years. My goal in writing here is that if I can make just one person smile, think, reflect or inspire them to try something new; then I wrote well.

*I always love questions in my email or comments and try to answer each of them personally. You can find my email in the sidebar on this page.


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  1. What a beautiful answer. I do hope that you realize that you are as much an inspiration just in the simple words you put on this page every day, fiction or real. When I first met you, you made me strive to be better because I wanted my words and stories to touch and reach hears like yours do.

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