Friday Flashes

I had so much fun in the past to give you little flashes into our daily life with 10 people in the house; I’ve decided to do “Friday Flashes.” A day where I share with you little flashes of what was said/done/discussed within my house for that week.


There was much excitement as the oldest son and I paced the house alternating who got to check the front porch, questioning who checked it last and when; waiting for some super cool speakers to show up. Not just any speakers, my friends; but speakers that spit water in pretty oohhh-aahhh colors in time to music on our iPods. He still insists they are his speakers, but I managed to talk him into putting them in the living room. We plugged them in and tried to get the dad to witness the awe-inspiring musical show set to “Knock Knock” by Mac Miller. Apparently the son and I are the only cool ones in the house and we are good with that.


The “Feat of the Feasts” took place as I undertook the task of cooking enough food for 10 people with the singular goal of everybody getting enough to eat with one meal and possibly having leftovers. 12 qts of meatballs simmered last night and to much applause and belching; success was achieved. I did the happy dance (to the delight of the smaller beings and the embarrassment of the older beings) as I got out the tupperware and celebrated left over night!


There have been many screams of “SHUT THE BATHROOM DOOR” as a house of 6 males merges with a house of 4 females. There have also been many conversations concerning accidentally seen gender equipment.


I’ve learned that instead of chastising for belching contests; I can win them.


There was this conversation:

“Mommy….Bella is eating her boogers!!!!”

“No I am NOT! I don’t even like boogers. I like chicken and fries.”


Between the times of 4pm until “they finally all pass out in bed and I can breathe” o’ clock; I can’t get much of anything done. Hearing about school, work, breaking up fights about who is in who’s room, 3 puppies wildly chasing kids through the house (my house is set up in a circle path so they can run through the kitchen, living room and dining room in laps) “she touched me” “he kicked me” “they won’t let me play” “OMG…how much longer until bedtime!!!”


Having boys in the house finally gives me the opportunity to go outside and roam around in the dark having airsoft wars. Having small kids means I don’t get to play long before I get summoned back in the house. Total Buzz Kill. There is lots of tree climbing by the younger 5. There is lots of “stuck in a tree” rescue missions by the older 5.


The husband and I went on a day date this week. We have to have two sets of babysitters with all the kids, but we managed. We went to Olive Garden (drool) and then off to see “War Horse” We sat in the theater with about 20 WWII generation couples and deemed ourselves the Spring Chickens of the audience. Old couples are hilarious in movies theaters because they scoff loudly at heroics, complain to their wives about the sentimental spots of the movies by hollering out “HUMBUG” and have no clue of how to turn their cell phones off during the movie.


I got myself a Kindle Fire to ease my bookwormish tendencies. With 8 children there is no such thing as “bookwormish tendencies.” I got the new Dean Koontz (my favorite!) 77 Shadow Street downloaded and got about half way through. It’s taken me a week of pretending I have tummy troubles and locking myself in the bathroom in 30 minute intervals to even get to 53%.


We all love to leave little sentimental notes and thank you notes around here, so I (gasp) made a (faint) craft to help out.

I printed a piece of paper that says “I love you because…” and framed it. There is a dry erase marker sitting nearby to allow us to fill in the “because…” I am not a crafty person, but I love this! Especially when I got up this morning to find a new note the husband had left before he went off to work. *SWOON!*


And that wraps up our Friday Flash for this week.

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  1. I giggled the whole way through. LOVE this – all of it!

  2. I feel a bit like a voyeur. Who knew I’d kind of like that? 😉

  3. That framed dry erase board is genius!!!


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