Wrapping up the holidays

I’m sitting here surrounded by paper dolls, roller skates, Littlest Pet Shop stuff (Can the Development people work on them being a little less pointy, because those hurt to step on and I won’t even go into stepping on a roller skate in the middle of the night) and there is all that Christmasy candy stuff with Santa tops and half eaten candy canes stuck to the counter. There is Santa vomit all over the place.

I feel a little bit like vomitting too. Between all the dinners and the stress of being here and there and everywhere in a car and going far and in a box with a fox…OK there was no box. Or fox.

Yet we managed to pull everything off. It was (like everything else in my life) perfectly imperfect. Girls had a wonderful time and had so much new stuff to do. There were a few days in Gatlinburg. Presents, family, aquarium, penguins, shopping and a little coming ’round the mountain when she comes.

Then there was dinner, another dinner and some dance party (Lady Gaga has nothing on my moves…yes, I’m using Tylenol and ice packs) cookies, pies…OK I am getting a little nauseated again.

On top of that trying to pull the wedding together since its like 6 days away. New Year. New Life. Hello I have no planning sense, but a small minion of people willing to help me whip it up into something special, but perfectly imperfect.

It’s been a whirlwind of activity and I have given up on having a handle on it. I’m just going to wing it and enjoy the chaotic memories it gives me.

I won’t be on my blog for about a week. I have a few guest posts to bring you from some amazing people that I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

The biggest thing I am taking away from the end of this year is the amazing thing that happens when people come together. It turns a solo action into a movement. From the little things of family/friends helping make Christmas memories, to the FaceBook movement to help a baby have his heart repaired, to the group of people who gathered around a stable to celebrate a King’s birth. It’s amazing what people can do when they join hands and hearts.

As we enter this last week of 2011, my family is celebrating the closing of a chapter and the entering of a new one. We look back at fond memories, painful ones, loss and love. I urge you as you look back at your year and the beginning of your new one that you remember that we can’t live in our pasts and let it define us. Rather it can strengthen you, empower you and bring you to cherish all that you have. Hold the hands of the ones you love and the ones you don’t know and help create a movement. Bear in mind that those who you cross paths with may be fighting a bigger fight than you will ever know and share a moment to let them know you care.

Thank you for spending this past year with me. I hope to have a year-end wrap of 2011, but no promises.

Happy New Year Friends!!!


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5 replies

  1. Happy New Year my friend. I am currently praying for my friend’s one month old son who is in deperate need of a new heart too.will yu please add Ben to your prayer circle?

    I hope everythng goes smoothly. Thank you for theblessing you havebeento me this year.

  2. You are proof that we can dust ourselves off and endure or even flourish. Enjoy your 2012 and party like it’s 1999.

  3. I hope that 2012 proves to be your best year yet.

  4. So excited to see what 2012 brings you my dear. Your gift with words and the beauty you find in your lens will take you places – you mark my words!
    Wishing you so many blessings on your new beginning on this new day of a new year … may you have all the joy and happiness in the world!

  5. Legos still hold the record for making me shout the loudest. Step on one in the middle of the night and bam! Hope you have a great new year!

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