3…2…1 – A Prompt

This week we asked you to write a piece of fiction or creative non-fiction about a countdown, starting with “Three, two, one.”

Write On Edge: Red-Writing-Hood



I glanced at my watch and scoured the message again for a loophole.

It was specific though on the time that was allotted for me to complete the task. It detailed out several things. This wasn’t the first time I had been warned. The ultimatum was clear if I failed.

I had failed.

Those last seconds that swept by sealed my fate. I held my breath until my chest hurt as I waited. Waited to live. Waited for pain. Waited for death.

I had received these messages before. The first few times I had done as requested. I involved only those that needed to be involved. I adhered myself to the directions and carried out my duties as if I were a seasoned soldier. There had been no mistakes. Perfectly executed.

I’d gotten lazy though. Perhaps it was a conscious decision to tempt them; to test fate. I had heard of others who had ignored their mission and been given grace. They had continued on their lives and nothing had happened. Just maybe I would be one of those lucky ones.

Waiting still for the end to come, I began to regret my choice. It would not have taken long to do as they had demanded. Was it worth this cost? My happiness? My life?

I began to visualize my obituary and the words started to form in my mind’s eye.

Alycia of Tennessee passed away late Friday night by not passing the form letter to 7 of her closest friends. Her mortal soul will forever be misplaced because she did not agree that she loved Jesus by passing on the letter. She accepted her fate that something bad would happen within 30 minutes of not forwarding the message.


It was over for me, but you can save yourself by passing this post on to 10 of your closest blog readers within 30 minutes or something bad will happen.

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17 replies

  1. Hahahaha! Love this! What an interesting take on the prompt and you did a great job of drawing me in, making me think it was something sinister, but turned it into something fun!

  2. Ha! Hilarious. I love it. Great way to take the prompt. I have to say, I’m willing to take the risk. I do not bow down to chain letters. I love how you built the suspense and didn’t pull the gag until the very end. Great timing.

  3. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha!! I love you, Alycia. This is awesome. You really did do a great job building the suspense, and then your obit was fabulous too. I love it.

  4. Oh you bold girl…I thougth it was very serious and my heart was in my throat….

    the ending was funny and just right. 🙂

  5. You really built the tension. I imagined a secret agent, a person living in an Orwellian world, all kinds of things. And then .. the form letter. I laughed as much from the release of tension as because it was really funny!

  6. You are plain awesome. This was great!
    You are so clever…can’t stand it! 🙂

  7. I loved this. I thought it was a chain letter, but it was great that it was such a silly one. I use to get so many of these from a cousin who passed away recently. Her’s were never dire, and I never passed them on, I didn’t get rich or have bad luck either way. A good read!

  8. So witty and clever! Although I admit I was a bit spooked up in the beginning, the ending was like such a big relief after holding my breath for some time :))

  9. hah! “if chain-letter threats really came true” 😛 If they did, i’d be loveless for eternity, have bad luck at least for the next 7 years, and all of my friends would abandon me because I never ‘sent it back to show I care!’

  10. Ha, what an awesome post! I love your take on the prompt. You really drew me in. Great job!

  11. hee!

    A chain letter goes all Mission: Impossible.


  12. I don’t know if this comment made it to you. I only passed on your message to 4 people. I may be dead.

    If not, know that I found it funny and creative.

  13. I LOVED this! So creative, funny, and great for traffic (of COURSE I will be tweeting and posting to save myself from damnation).

  14. Oh, too funny, what a great take on it — you really built up the tension and the resolution was perfect

  15. :OD~ I didn’t know until you revealed it. LOVED this.

  16. Hah, that was funny. Really liked it.

  17. I loved the twist, bu I have to admit that I wanted to see what was going to happen to her! LOL Excellent job…you had my heart racing.

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