Marked Days

I’ve talked before about my calendar on my fridge. It’s my small journal and they get saved every year. Days filled up with appointments, to-dos, meals, milestones, holidays or special occasions. Each square dutifully filled out and then marked off as the day ends. Rows and rows of marked off grids fill my calendar by this time of year. Almost 365 days finished. Done.

Marked Days.

Lets look at the end of that first paragraph again…

“Almost 365 days finished. Done.”

Marked days. Days that are finished. Days that I can revisit and remember, but I can’t live them again. They are done and marked off. Good days and bad, I have already lived them but I don’t have to continue to live in them.

The day the kids nearly drove me nuts. (I say “nearly” because let’s face it…I’m already there and I would hate to credit them with all of it) That day is done. A new one began.

The day I couldn’t seem to do anything right. That day is done. A new one began.

The day I thought my heart was broken. That day is done. A new one began.

I look at my new 2012 calendar with 365 days just waiting for me. Waiting for me to try new things, experience, create and dream. Waiting for me to mark the days. Good or bad, I’m going to live them.

On that same note, because of the days that I have marked in the past. I realize with clarity that just because there are 365 days listed; I am not promised a single one of them. When I get the blessing to mark off the day, I recognize it as a “blessing.” Nothing to take for granted and the days that march ahead…it’s a day to be better, make a difference and cherish the days that have been marked.

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4 replies

  1. I love this. Take nothing for granted. This gave me the idea to save our next years calendar pages as a “journal” as your post wrote. I hope the next 365 days are beautiful for you!

    • I’ve done it for years and love looking back on them. It’s fun too when you can get the kids involved and let them sum up the day in their own words. Have fun taking nothing for granted and thank you for visiting me today.

  2. Amen. The whole cancer scare brought this last perspective to me in clarity. We aren’t promised 365 days or even 1 more. I want to live my life more richly as well, since I don’t know which moment could be my last or my loved ones last.

  3. What a wonderful way to look at the days ahead and our past!

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