Exactly 400 Words Of Love

Inspired by Tanya Geisler and her list of things she loves in exactly 400 words. I bring you the things that I love, the things that light me up, the things that inspire me, the things that make me “ME”…

I love the sound of a thunderstorm, (especially with coordinating strobe lightning) the smell of a lemon, the whispers of my children in the backseat as they learn that a sibling can be a friend, the way WoodWick candles crackle with sound, the velvety softness of the underside of my dog’s floppy ear, the accompanying doggy kiss from the ear scratch, the “Pffftt” sound of a freshly opened Diet Dr. Pepper bottle, any zombie movie and zombie apocalypse jokes, that moment where the credits stop and my favorite movie is about to begin, popcorn with extra salt and butter, Reese’s cups, the fact that there is always a Miracle on 34th street, clean sheets and shaved legs at the same time, Blue Sparkle dryer sheets, J.R. Watkins lemon scented soaps and lotion, horses, movies with dinosaurs and large apes that climb skyscrapers, Dean Koontz, the sloppy kiss of a toddler, the first cup of coffee all the way through the tenth cup of coffee, greeting cards for no reason, Wuthering Heights and the hope the Cathy and Heathcliff will find love, Mickey Mouse, the song Blessings by Laura Story, playing the piano, English gardens with quirky paths and wildflowers, the American Flag waving proudly, watching the hug when a soldier is reunited with their family, Patsy Cline, children singing “Jesus Loves Me,” a good sarcastic comeback, practical jokes, a brand new package of charcoal pencils and a sketch pad, the way my boyfriend’s eyes crinkle when he smiles, a rock my second daughter found that is in the perfect shape of a heart, afternoon picnics after church, pictures that my children color for me even if it looks nothing like what they claim, fountains, fairy tales that end with “Happily Ever After,” soft fleece, my mom’s chocolate candies she makes every Christmas, Texas, a good seared steak, homemade bread and the awesome Betty Crocker glow that follows me, the song “Let Them Be Little,” my Kindle, a bubble bath, my Nikon, photography sessions with a newborn, sunsets, the surprise of a rainbow in the sky, my “friend wall” in my home where new friends autograph the wall when they come over, dancing with my daughters, a squeeze of the hand when my hand is being held that means “I love you and I’m with you,” passing someone who wears a cologne/perfume that reminds me of someone I love.

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4 replies

  1. I love the way you write and bring your loves and memories to life.

  2. Such joy. Thank you for sharing your loveliness.

  3. This was beautiful, Alycia! 🙂 Thanks for brightening my gray December day.

  4. Loved this … especially the multiple places where I thought … Ooooh Me TOO!

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