The Power Of The Box

I’m not a Black Friday kind of girl. I just have no interest in stepping on someone’s Great Aunt and mauling small children to secure a Favorited toy for Christmas. If it is the MUST have toy; age has taught me to check out Ebay or Craigslist about two months after your kid is tired of playing with it and you are trying to make a buck to pay for your Great Aunt’s hip surgery since her Black Friday escapades.

I’m an Amazon gal. Click. Pay. Gift Wrap? Sure! Personal Message? Surprise me! Ship. Done.

Then the wonderment of the Power Of The Box is released within my home. My children don’t dream of sugarplums, they dream of the UPS guy. Well, I’ve done that too, but not in the context. Ahh…the Power of Brown…I digress…..

Power Of The Box.

It enters the home in its simple square form and the children just know its for them. A present. Their little UPS dreams come true.

Now comes the power.

Place it in visible sight and it works just like the Elf On The Shelf theory.

It really doesn’t matter that their real presents are hidden in my closet and that the box that stands guard to promote all that is good, quiet and behaving actually contains a pair of Spanx for mommy’s expanding backside; it works. Of course that box wields its power over a Mommy who sneaks into the kitchen at 3am for another doughnut that was screaming for her. Nothing like a little Spanx to curb a munchie.

As the children eye the box and make little guesses as to what it contains you can almost see the ray of blinding light from the heavens beam down on it and a faint chorus of Angels singing the Halleluiah chorus. Smiles take the places of scowls of not being able to play outside due to sheets of rain and 38 degree temps (come on and drop just a little and give us snow already.) Of course at any moment Mr UPS may show back up to take the box back from quarreling children who have no appreciation and there are children in Africa who are grateful to have a stick and rock to play with.

THAT is the power of the box.

It’s amazing the power that something can have that is so unassuming, yet dares you to dream.

To be able to look at something and dream that it is what you wanted. How often as adults have we lost that ability?

The ability to dream beyond boundaries of what is rational? To look at a box that is smaller than a shoebox and believe it contains the monstrosity that is a Barbie Dream Home?

The ability to look at what our lives are and dream beyond the rational as to what our lives could be?

What if you were to look at the box of your life today and believe it contained exactly what you wanted? What would you dare to dream?

How many times have we looked past that box of our life and grumbled at what is going on around us? Losing sight of what we wanted? Not realizing that our lack of appreciation for the things we have been given limit us to having our dreams? What will you lose by not doing the things that you dare to dream about?

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6 replies

  1. I LOVE this post. Truly. 🙂

  2. Love this! Too bad my kids are home with me everyday. Otherwise I’d just stick an empty box on top the fridge to keep them in line. 😉

  3. I really like this idea… Alycia you have a wonderful way with words.. God has given you a wonderful gift.

  4. ohhh. Who needs a creepy elf when you can have a box?! Perfection!

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